Do my HBD saving count?

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Just today I brought over 1000 HBD!

I'm saving HBD from the beginning of this year. So far it's sitting on 5k. I have stated earlier, my goal is 10K. Although that's a high goal compared to the level I maintain to invest in Hive. But hopefully, I will make it by the end of this year.

It's not the best investment strategy based on how many opportunities are available out there. However, every investor's strategy is different. And going with what works for us is the best strategy, that's what I believe.

HBD in savings increases at 20.00% and that's sure a lucrative offer. Saving up a good amount not only gives us a good return but also helps Hive to thrive. It's one of the best backups that makes Hive stronger as a blockchain. So why not?

Moreover, HBD saving is almost risk-free. I personally am interested in this for this single reason. Also, it's less time-consuming. Your dollar is growing in front of your eyes, you have full control over your investment, and it's in the same chain; so what else do we need?

But as I have said, I do agree that it may not be the best investment plan. If you have the time and mindset to put your money in other profitable things then I have no problem with it. To me, the security and regulation of Hive helped me to take the decision.

I had some BTC sitting in my wallet. I wouldn't lie, I was looking for some other projects to put my money in. But then thought why don't I increase my HBD instead? Because it will grow faster and I don't have to put any extra effort into it. It's kind of my lazy money. Moreover, I was not able to be much active on this blockchain. So this interest payment is helping me to keep up here.
I didn't withdraw anything science I have started to save HBD. So the whole amount is growing only. It's helping me to grow fast as well.

While I agree that we should keep in mind about diversification and market sentiment in our mind during investment. And HBD may not fulfill the criteria. But as my mindset is for long-term holding, it's based on understanding the project, trusting the chain, and investing in something tension free; so I believe I'm on the right track.

What do you think? Does my HBD saving count as an investment plan?

Best regards

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Your HBD savings count as an investment plan if those funds are left in the bank you can't get that interest rate. Banks only give 16% annual interest. I started my HBD savings today.

I have done the same math. If I keep this same amount in my country's back, it would give me less than half of the return that I'm getting here. So in the sense, HBD wins.

yea. so will HBD be affected if dollar falls?

Temporarily. But as Hive has its own diagram to run, I guess it can still run smoothly.

I personally like your decision. I also increase my saving in HBD. I have no money to invest. I wrote the post to earn some HBD and invest in a saving account. Now I have 72 HBD in savings. I have different small goals. My first goal was 60HBD which I achieved some days ago. My next goal is 260 and 1800 HBD.

Don't worry, you will get there sooner. Great to see someone believe in HBD as well.

I believe your investment in HBD is absolutely part of a good financial plan. Maybe I should have done the same too. great topic

This is the assurance I needed!