Feeling stuck? Try next-level financial management.

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Where I'm making things wrong? Why I'm failing to change my financial status?

I'm not too ambiguous rather consider myself a man with a dream, a dream to go big financially someday. But this 'someday' became the key instead of 'going big'. This is where most of us got stuck.

Changing financial status is one of the biggest challenges, mostly impossible for many for their whole life and a struggle for the majority.

If doing the same thing doesn't help, then we need to think about doing things differently.

This post is kind of a self-reminder. You may not feel super motivated to read from a struggler. But guess what? I can give you some real-life insight rather than some bogus words.

A few years ago, I didn't have any crypto or online asset. I didn't know much about money and finance. But now, I can proudly say that I have something to talk about.

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But I'm stuck here too!

I'm trying hard for the last couple of months to take a leap to go to the next level. I'm talking about doubling my income. But seems like it's more difficult than anything.

Also, this current bear market made me lose more than 3K.

But I'm not hopeless. Rather I'm planning for something new so I can take the leap to the next level of financial management.

Here's how-

  • Invest and repeat.

This is the best thing I can do at this current time. I have already lost that can't be recovered. So I'm selling some holding, buying a few more, and swapping some others. All this is pretty chaotic but they can help me in long run. Well, hopefully.

Saving money, creating more opportunities to make more money; I know, you know all of this. So I'm not talking about the same thing. But I would tell you to take calculated risks. If you are doing the same trading, and stock but not expanding your financial strategy then you can never go to the next level.

I have invested some money in an offline business recently. It's not giving me any return and will not for the next 6 months. But after that, hopefully, I can get a good return.

Think about your plan of action and what you can do.

It's not about money, the goal is to save time.

I don't want to be a millionaire in my 80s but at a lot younger age. Youth is just something I can invest in now, just like you can do too. This is the time I can take the risks and plan finance differently.

Not only thinking about the macro level finance but at the micro level, I have done some changes. Like saving money in daily life, from groceries to lifestyle. It's not much but adding up.

For me, the next 5 years are crucial and that's why I'm thinking differently.

All this changed financial plan may sound ambiguous. But optimizing time and money properly will get me there. I'm hopeful.

Thanks for reading.

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We may not be where we are now but with proper understanding of how to make things work out for us to be financially stable, we will surely be smiling in some years to come with the progress we have made today. Thanks for sharing these tips and for one person like me who wants to be financially free, I wouldn't hesitate to find tips to helping me achieving that.

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