Depending on who you ask you will get different answers to your question.

Not advice, but my take on it is:

  1. Don't use DEC to buy Quest Potions, including using DEC to buy credits. Buy credits using BUSD. Then use credits to buy the potions as it is cheaper than using DEC (as DEC is above peg).
  2. I buy 10 Quest potions at a time and use them daily. Between the card drops and DEC drops, it has proven profitable for me - so far! Could be its always profitable, or, maybe I've just been lucky. I don't yet have the ultimate answer to this.

I hope this helped you somewhat.

Good luck!

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I think transfer the DEC in-game to Hive account and convert DEC to Hive then use Hive to buy Credit.
It's not a bad idea as it can utilize 0 fee transaction of hive network.