Dawn Of Alternatives

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When a customer pays for a service and he's not satisfied with the service, it's only natural that he seeks alternatives. In situations where there is none he has no choice but to accept the shitty deal he's offered.

This is how the current democratic system of government operates. Citizens are left with no choice but to accept their fate.

Since the dawn of time, the world has been about providing service to others in return for something. However, if the service provider doesn't provide the worth of what he's being paid for a service for example a citizen paying a tax for free health care and can't find an health care center that offers such service.

This is what makes unsatisfied customers and angry citizens.

The whole system is rigged for only those involved in the system, not the customers. The government and banks work hand in hand to attack the citizens and customers that they are supposed to protect.

A whole lot of individuals have recorded their accounts being frozen due to reasons that involve the individual and the nation-state. This makes saving in the bank unsafe. Protecting customers' assets is the only service a bank is meant to provide and clearly, they've failed miserably at it for years.

Nevertheless, both services are now easily provided by technology. A protection robot im sure is going to be a big thing in the future and assets are also being secured on the internet through blockchain technology.

The world is changing and human concepts are changing with it. The protection service being provided by the government of a state was a big deal in the past but not anymore. Over time the banks and government purse will keep growing thinner or they run dry and crumble.

With technology, our assets in the current world are getting more digitised and encrypted making it impossible for any form of agency or system of government to gain access to our assets. The protection that comes with using technology is numerous but the downside is that responsibility is on the individual to find alternatives themselves.

People already see crypto as an alternative to the banking system. What other alternatives do you think are replacing the current system we have?

Share your thoughts in the comments.


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