Era Of Intelligence

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The way it looks its the era of intelligence either it's- truthgpt , chatgpt or any other carved out ai's out there. The hype for ai technology seems to have overtake crypto, web 3 or other trends that people like to talk about.
Even Elon musk is about to launch truthgpt which i would say seems quite odd because he first donated tp chat gpt anf now he thinks that chatgpt is left winged and biased.

So we need something truth I guess and thats what this truthgpt is all about.

Do you think it is.

I don't think neither. And even if one is a left winged side of the story then what does truthgpt signify?

Truthgpt is an ai that elon made a point of it being the truth seeker artificial intelligence.

a truth and honestgpt?

Maybe we'll have that one soon

To hell with that, I think most of these ai's are all trying to drive our attention to the fact that we shouldn't have different perspectives and views.

Let everyone think the same thing and think life is fucking awesome because ai knows about the universe and what's true and what isn't, so we shouldn't find out for ourselves. Right?

If ai can better understand the universe as elon says it will then its possible to be the truth but I disagree with that. Because as much as we humans haven't and cannot grasp reality so will ai's fail in that area too. Even elon isn't really the universe type of guy I mean what the fuck is in mars that cant be on earth.

However this doesn't mean mean ai wont thrive, of course they will but maybe not in the way we think they will. At least they can't help understand the universe like humans do.

The universe as we see it is about emotions and not only about mathematical and physical expression but the emotional part of it all which is not yet instilled in ai's up until now and thats why ai's fighting for the top spot about who's going to be the best, the truth and honest one is just pointless.

Its pointless to the point of sooner or later ai's would be too many that we dont know what else to make use of them. Either some seems left winged or not.

We'll just have to find which one we can use to our advantage.

biased or not



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I was just telling my brother, be careful with AI! Now im watching Sword Art Online as he reccomended.