Is A Multi-Polar World Emerging

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As things are becoming more and more intense with the power game between China and U.S. or rather the G7 it's clear that something is happening that we are not yet clear about.

The recent news is that the U.S. are trying to ease their dependency on China and the option of even cutting China off its supply chain was proposed but is deemed to be impossible because of how big and important China is to not only the U.S. but the whole world.


It seems the move to detach from China is one that indicates the power dynamics are changing from unipolar to bipolar(according to Noci).

If this is to happen, which is already in play then we are possibly going to see another China-like figure sooner than later.

a big part of the world economy is held by the U.S in the past and now it's China having a big share of the pile, until one day when the whole world would become more balanced economically i.e. a multi-polar world but I doubt Both Us and China are ready for that.

The type of relationship and intense power play played by these two countries has shown that it's, even more, easier to have a world where neither of the two would be the decision maker in the world's problems like it is currently because it seems they don't have a say in much of what's going on anymore. Things are changing and sanctions are getting weaker and weaker every day.

If China could be able to stabilize itself and become deeply rooted in the world economy that even U.S. cannot detach from them completely then it's an opportunity for other states to become a China to China itself in the future depending on what each state brings to the table. And in the case of China, they can't be cut off and sooner or later the rest of the world won't be able to get cut off when they dont follow the rules.

What do you think about a unipolar, bipolar and multi-polar world? Which is better than the other, feel free to share your thoughts.


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