India Leo Weekly Contest - 100 LEO UP For Grabs

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first contest for the @indiaunited community on Hive in collaboration with @leogrowth from Leo Finance. Every Monday we will launch a new contest like this one with all the guidelines. Looking forward to active participation from all the members of the community.


100 LEO up for grabs to top 3 entries sponsored by the @leofinance team:

  • First: 50 LEO
  • Second: 30 LEO
  • Third: 20 LEO

Apart from liquid rewards, occasional upvotes to high-quality content will be given and a lot of love from the LeoFinance community members.


The Current State Of Crypto In India


  • Choose a title as per the topic and publish a blog via It's up to you! You can even use the same title as the topic but there are extra marks for creativity

Since it's the first time we are hosting the contest, I will explain a little more about what you can do. You can talk about India's crypto journey so far, what's happening in the crypto sector right now, and predict the future. Or provide your views about the current regulatory framework and list down its pros/cons. Or criticize (or not) the government policies on taxation on Crypto. What are its impacts on the future of web3 in India? Or what can we do differently to support more innovation? You can also take a news article or blog related to the topic from famous publishing houses like Coindesk or Cointelegraph and dissect it piece by piece. These are just ideas, you can basically write about anything you feel like. Just keep the topic in mind.


  • Use #india as one of the tags while publishing
  • Articles should have a minimum of 300 words. High-quality articles with more word count will have more weightage during the selection criteria.
  • Drop the link of your entry in the comments below
  • Upvote & Reblog this post
  • Follow @indiaunited
  • Only one entry per person will win one of the three prizes but you can do multiple entries
  • No plagiarism


  • START: 01-08-2022 | MON
  • FINISH: 06-08-2022 11:59 PM IST | SAT



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Hello community @indiaunited, here is my post for the contest!

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Hi @indiaunited team @finguru
I am a bit late to submit my entry. Can we please make the deadline Sunday instead of Saturday for the future contests? Just a suggestion from me if possible to consider.

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Thanks for your entry Alok. You made it just in time. We will set the deadline to Sunday and announce the winners on Monday with the next contest.

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thanks for considering it bro.

You are most welcome bro!

Is this contest for Indians only?

No this is open to all.

Alright. Thanks

This is a great, count me in

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Sure. Looking forward to your entry.

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Aha great iniciative, will participate 😅🏃🥂

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Awesome. Looking forward to it bro.

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Nice initiative and will submit my post soon. Thanks

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Looking forward to it bro. 🔥🔥

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Wish everyone good luck ✌🏼
Nice contest by team India and LeoFinance 🔥

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thanks for the contest this is my entry

Unfortunately, I do not reside in India. Can I enter this contest using the state of things in my own country Nigeria?

You can enter the contest with the state of things in India. There are many articles and materials available online. You can refer to them and write your views on this topic.

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Nice contest. Let me prepare for it.

Wow, this is a good initiative I must say. This way to bring India in conjuction with tech and crypto showcased more to Hive ecosystem and the world at large.

But I dont think anyone who is not an Indian can participate... You know, and information gap..?

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Thanks @temibot. This contest is open for all. There are many articles and materials available online. You can refer to them and write your views on this topic.

You can do a comparison between the state of crypto in India and in your country. That'd be a nice article to read.

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@codingdefined, @reeta0119, @arunava, @sumit71428. Tagging you guys to let you know about this. Please do participate if you can. 🔥🔥

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Sure will write something tonight and post it.

That's awesome bro. 🔥🔥

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I will surely submit mine before the last day. Thanks for mention @finguru

Thanks for this contest.
Here is my entry and I would say a must watch video to understand state of cryptos in India comprehensively ->

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@steemflow, I forgot to tag you in this bro. Still, one day left. Please do participate if you can. :))

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Thanks dear @finguru ... I m facing issue with #leofinance since couple of weeks...unable to use the tags...there r noone to resolve such issue at unable to participate..but good to read some interesting insight on the subject...

That sucks man. Did you try creating a ticket?

I did......noone responding..

Hello, this is My entry for the contest.