I'm powering up more LEO and I'm delegating 3k to one of the LPUD winners

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It's only a few days until the second Power Up day takes place in July 15, and I'm planning on powering up. I have no idea how much I will power up and this decision is not a matter of how much can I afford, but about how much LEO I think it's wise to buy and stake.

Most cryptocurrency investors who DCA their way into some tokens, usually do it this way because they can only afford a fixed amount of their local currency every month or every fortnight and thus, they don't have the issue of picking a time and an amount when they are buying.

I want to increase the size of my Leo bag, but I will DCA every month, I won't buy huge amounts of tokens anymore, not because I don't think it's a good investment, but because I like my position in terms of the richlist. This doesn't mean that I like seeing my name up there, it means that I think it's a healthy amount of tokens regarding the other holders, the total market cap, the daily volume etc.

I'm not planning on selling LEO any time soon, even if the price drops to 0.01c, because long term and provided that the Leo Finance team delivers on the their promises, I believe the token price will get to $10 sooner or late, sooner rather than later. This is not wishful thinking, it's just something bound to happen if and only if the team and the community play their roles correctly.

In the meantime, and since I'm part of the community, I want to play my role correctly, which is why I messaged Leogrowth on Discord and told them I'm delegating 3k LEO to one of the winners. I am a new orca and I should do my part when it comes to community driven and community empowered initiatives.

So, there's no excuse for not joining LEO POWER UP DAY in July 15.


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Wow this is really nice coming from you and thanks for such opportunity.

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This is definitely another great one, I think having this kind of support for this initiative is really important and it as shown how well the community will keep on growing

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Congratulations for the initiative!



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This is truly amazing. I'm proud of you.

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A really smart way of looking at your LEO bag.

Great work getting involved in the community by the way. Love your work :)

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