LPUD Slay the Dragon Delegations

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You might have noticed that I am no longer giving out my usual 10k Leo Power delegation to encourage users to participate in LPUD.

That is simply because @anomadsoul reached out and seeing that I was the biggest monthly delegator he asked me if I wanted to support LPUD in a different way, and I accepted.


Here's the proof of delegation to @moretea, @davedickeyyall, @l337m45732, @dagger212, @katerinaramm, @lofone, @sumertooth, @trumpikasleo and @mcoinz79.

Thank you for slaying an elite dragon and being so supportive of LPUD!

See you next month, let's see with what new idea @leogrowth comes up with.

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let's fuckin go fren!

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Wow, thanks so much.

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Wow! Thank you! That was unexpected. Added to the 2000 LP I just added this gives a nice little boost to the voting power for the next month. You get to be the first recipient of the upgraded voting power. :-)

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Thanks 🚀🌕👍🏽 Maybe we are fueling Santa's sley next month 😜

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Thank you very much for the delegation and for supporting this awesome cause! I will try to make good use of this delegation :) Have an awesome day!

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