Selling the bottom like a master

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This is why you never listen to FUD and you actually do your own research. And if you are not capable or have enough understanding of how markets work and what affects them, and you know how FUD works, then you are going to have a hard time.

When I saw (and keep seeing) all these talks about the incoming recession and the markets getting ultrarekt in the near future could be just a Fud scheme from the big guys to make us, the little retail hodler, to sell the bottom while they pick up our bags at a discount.

But I mean, there's no winning here unless you are well versed in the crypto and the finance world. If you believe their Fud and you sell the bottom, you're screwed, and if you don't believe their Fud and you hold and then the markets crash, you're screwed.

Seems like there's no winning here for the little guys.

Of course there isn't if you play their game, the short term moon game. If you want to beat them, you have to play a whole different game, which is called Dollar Cost Averaging and playing the long, really long term game.

The downside of this is that the little guy can't really buy in every week or month, and actually relies on short term gains, he can't afford to have 100k USD stored for ten ten years and then cash out 1 million, he (wrongly) needs and relies on those extra 20k gains at the end of the year, which makes him go play in the big guy fields where he just gets 9 touchdowns scored against in the first quarter.

Playing their game while not having a significant amount of experience, knowledge and luck, to think you can beat them is financial suicide, stop trying to do so.

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Ah, the old flow of dumb money into the hands of the smart.

Markets are a beautifully ruthless beast.

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Some people tell me that "in order to make money, someone has to lose it, don't you feel bad about that fact?"

Well, if they play the game, they risk losing the game.

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