Slowly stacking Leo tokens towards my 150k LP goal

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I powered up something around 8k Leo tokens today. I had that amount for a few days just lying there in my wallet doing nothing, actually missing on curation rewards, but I don't mind since I wanted to wait until the 15th to power them up. This might sounds silly but I prefer that the total amount of Leo Power staked during LPUD is bigger even if it costs me a few bucks in curation rewards.

Back when I was building my account's power, I made the mistake of powering up like 50k Leo tokens a few days before the actual 15th, something I regret because LPUD #1 would've had like a 20% boost in numbers had I waited a few days to power up.

LPUD is almost irrelevant for the outside stakeholder looking to diversify their investments, but to the existing community, the success or failure of LPUD gives them a signal of how committed the community is, and how bullish people feel about the token, which is exactly why I will only power up in the 15th every month, to boost the numbers of LPUD.

Over the past two months I bought and powered up 100k Leo, this time I only staked 8k Leo, not because I am no longer bullish on Leo, but because my goal of 150k Leo before 2023 is going smoothly and I think I will reach it very easily if I continue at this pace.

I expect to see at least the same amount of Leo powered up this month as the month before, 200k Leo tokens powered up is a huge amount considering the amount of liquid Leo out there (less than 25% between liquidity pools and liquid leo on wallets). At this pace, I'm super bullish on Leo for 2023.

The price of Leo token has been extremely impervious to the current bear market and I like that. It seems that the usual sellers are still here but at least most of the people unstaking and selling are almost gone.

We'll have to wait and see the official LPUD numbers somewhere during tomorrow after the 15th ends.


I took this picture from @coquicoin's blog.

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Keep up the good work this is really awesome in powering up such amount of leo.

Okay, so you have been pumping LEO all this while? xD

All the best for your goals dude. 🚀🚀

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I powered up something around 8k Leo tokens today

You have a high chance to grab some LEO delegation with the number of LP you staked!

150k LP sounds sweet 😎

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150K goal now??

Haha, keep stacking!! :)

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I had 100k in my mind, but the recent events I've seen unfold on Leo made me want to up that by 50%. In the end it's a few thousand dollars worth of investing, if Leo Finance delivers on their promises, in a few years I'll be looking back at these months with a smile, if the token goes to zero well, I only lost under 10k. Sounds like a good opportunity to me, I noticed you are also well stacked, great to see other people thinking the same way as I do.

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My thinking exactly ;)

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