The Daily Leo #101 - Bear market in stocks continues, Musk & Twitter updates, BTC dominance drops

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Why The Bear Market In Stocks May Only Be Halfway Through

history suggests that the rapid rises in the dollar, interest rates and oil prices over the past couple of years represent a uniquely bearish trifecta that will likely have a very negative effect on earnings over the next year or so. Long-term technicals, notably momentum, appear to confirm...

Musk Confirms Intention to Buy Twitter

The news, first reported by Bloomberg, resulted in a temporary halt to trading of Twitter shares on the New York Stock Exchange. The development occurs as Musk and Twitter have been engaged in a months-long legal battle, and were scheduled to...

Bitcoin’s market dominance hits a 4-year low

Bitcoin (BTC) has for long retained its position as the most dominant cryptocurrency in terms of capital inflow powered by factors like being the flagship digital asset. However, its dominance continues to drop as the asset battles one of the longest crypto winters. In particular, as of October 6, Bitcoin market dominance hit the...

EU Blocks All Russian Access to Crypto

While cryptocurrency transactions of up to €10,000 ($9,800) had still been permissible by Russian citizens within the country, they have now been banned, in addition to all crypto-asset wallets, accounts, and custody services. The current package of sanctions also expanded the scope of services that are now restricted to...

How Someone is Attacking the ZCash Network for $10 a Day?

While the motive behind the spamming activity is currently unknown, some users speculated it could be a pseudonymous Twitter user known as ‘fiatjaf,’ to be behind the attack. The user had previously tweeted that the “giant organizations” should attack Ethereum and Monero and crash these two networks if they want to...

Ripple ‘slams’ SEC for opposing amicus briefs

Crypto traders’ interest in XRP turned bullish after its parent company recorded a string of victories against the regulator. This has birthed the belief within the ecosystem that the firm might be able to defeat the SEC. Meanwhile, Santiment data shows that the daily active addresses on the network have...


LeoFinance Weekly Pod!

In this episode of the weekly AMA, we cover all of the wide-ranging LeoVerse updates. There are some major changes coming to the Threads app on the Hive blockchain. Many of these updates will forever change the...

HBD Bought, Sold and Overall Profitability

HBD keeps performing as it should after a several small but important tweaks.
One of the key parts for HBD is the work of the @hbdstabilizer. The stabilizer is providing an incentivized internal market for HBD to trade at $1. The funding for the stabilizer has...

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