The Daily Leo #112 - Boomers and their fortunes, Draft bill vs DeFi, & Cross-chain Round Table

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Boomers Are Stressed About Handing Down Fortunes To Their Kids

A generational divide –including clashing opinions on how money should be used– is causing much of the headaches around wise spending. On top of the difficult social and cultural gaps between generations, there’s the age-old roadblock of awkwardness–few people of any age want to talk about inheritance, which inevitably means talking about..

Bitcoin mining ‘shuts down globally’ if BTC hits $12,000

Crypto mining is one of the main methods by which individuals can acquire cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as they earn rewards for confirming transactions and securing the network. However, if the price drops, BTC becomes less profitable to mine, this threshold price below which Bitcoin miners could halt their operations is...

‘Secretly circulating’ draft crypto bill could be a ‘boon’ to DeFi

A new draft of the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act (DCCPA) bill has started to circulate online, with some commentary suggesting it could be positive for DeFi and crypto. A prior draft version of the bill drew heavy criticism from industry representative bodies for containing too broad a definition for a “digital commodity platform,” which “could be interpreted as a ban on DeFi.”...

Is Konami Creating a Horror Metaverse?

Konami has announced that they are firing up the Silent Hill brand name again. They are releasing some brand-new products in the franchise. Fans are hoping that a metaverse might be in the works. In fact, Konami are advertising for people to help put a metaverse together. Producer of the film, Victor Hadida has said some interesting things in relation to full immersion...

TODAY: Cross-Chain Roundtable ft. Wombat and Tezotopia Founders

Today at 4pm EDT @khaleelkazi is hosting the founders of Tezotopia and Wombat from for our second LeoFinance cross-chain roundtable, and we'd love it if you tune un and join us on the Leo discord server....

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