The Daily Leo #167 - A bank suing a blog, Tesla suspends production in Shanghai, Top 5 strangest stories in crypto

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Credit Suisse Sues Blog That Criticizes Them

Credit Suisse has reportedly filed a criminal complaint against a financial blog in Zurich, escalating a legal attack the bank has been putting in place over reader comments that were appended to a series of stories the blog ran about the bank earlier this year. The civil claim argued that the blog should have exercised more..

Tesla suspends production at Shanghai plant

The U.S. automaker cancelled the morning shift and told all workers at its most productive manufacturing hub they could start their break, said the people and the notice seen by Reuters. The company did not give a reason. Reuters reported earlier this month that the electric car giant planned to suspend...

The 5 strangest stories in Crypto in 2022

From Terra to FTX, 2022 has given us many weird crypto stories. From the incredible short squeeze of a bankrupt company’s token to old anti-crypto arguments used by a major central bank, we’re getting weird with five stories the...

DYOR Is The Breakout Crypto Term Of 2022

For a crypto native, every single one of those acronyms will be familiar to you. But according to an analysis by CoinLedger this week, DYOR is the breakout term of the year. Compared to 2021, the word has increased by 222% in the USA. It is not hard to understand why. Even at the best of times, crypto can feel pretty opaque. Centralized exchanges aren’t alwayse...

Judge FTX's Plea Deals Secret to Get SBF to US

A judge kept secret that two of Sam Bankman-Fried’s closest associates had turned against him so the cryptocurrency entrepreneur wouldn’t get spooked and fight extradition from the Bahamas and waited until Bankman-Fried was in FBI custody before revealing that Ellison and Wang, had secretly pleaded guilty to...

Set Leo Power Goals for 2023!

Ad revenue is coming for Leo holders, Gamification, NFTization, the new UI is coming, social media strategies, SEO and Marketing campaigns, a parent website for the LeoVerse, strengthening the DeFi side, collaborations with projects in and out of Hive, influencer marketing and much, much more is coming to Leo Finance...

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