Threads are here and I gave them a try

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I just read @leogrowth's most recent post about making a #threadstorm, and it seemed like a good chance for me to make my first thread. I wrote a 30 piece thread about Hive and Leo Finance and my thoughts about both ecosystems.

This is the thread


I will give a vote to anyone commenting and engaging on that thread, I would appreciate any feedback since it is my first thread and the first time I write about the Hive ecosystem.

As you may have seen from my posts here, I don't like making long posts because I get bored, but the pace of writing short form threads is so great that I didn't even notice I made 30 posts. If you are wondering, no, I have never used Twitter before so I didn't have any experience in that regard.

This Leo Finance update is huge and so far, and according to what I've read today, this will drive the price of Leo up in ways you can't even begin to understand. All I can say is, I'm glad I bought 100k LEO before this release.

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When you're writing threads, keep replying to the first 'Tweet'.

That way a reader doesn't have to keep clicking on each new reply to read the entire thread.

PS. Here's the link via the threads interface.

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This here is very sage advice. I got lost down the Thread reply hole.

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Yes, I think I did that wrong because of the way it was explained by leogrowth, but I will keep this in mind for future threads. I just checked the leogrowth post and they edited it to include your thread as example. Thanks for the advice dude.

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This is huge and a way to promote leo to another level with this new initiative of how #leothread is operating.

Good things coming dude, we better stack more $leo while we can.

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