The Daily Leo #149 - Twitter & The Hunter Laptop Story, Genesis allegedly owes $900M, The FTX debacle is unlikely to be the last

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Twitter Collaborated To Cover Up The Hunter Laptop Story

In a greatly anticipated Friday night drop of what has was expected to be a cache of information involving the censoring of Hunter Biden's notebook story days ahead of the 2020 presidential election, moments ago Elon Musk - who worked in collaboration with...

China Could Use TikTok for Influence Operations on Americans

“TikTok’s parent company is controlled by the Chinese government and it gives them the potential to leverage the app in ways that I think should concern us,” The app gives the Chinese Communist Party the ability to control the recommendation algorithm, which “allows them to...

Crypto lender Genesis allegedly owes $900M to Gemini's clients

On Nov. 16, Genesis announced it had temporarily suspended withdrawals citing “unprecedented market turmoil, days after disclosing around $175 million worth of funds stuck in an FTX trading account. Genesis is reportedly facing difficulties raising money for its lending unit, but refuted speculation of...

Cryptocurrency Era May Be Coming to an End

The economics professor wrote that the market was currently experiencing not a crypto winter but a Fimbulwinter. Fimbulwinter references Norse mythology, describing “an endless winter” that precedes the world’s end. In this case, he suggested that this winter would spell the doom of the crypto industry. According to Krugman, the original argument that...

Bitcoin Remains Calm at $17K After Latest US Job Report

After a few days of being unable to break above that level, this finally happened on December 1 when the asset skyrocketed to $17,250, which became its highest price level in over two weeks. Nevertheless, the generally bearish sentiment didn’t allow any further increases, and BTC returned to...

Sadly, the FTX debacle is unlikely to be the last

True, the loss of confidence in “exchanges” such as FTX almost surely means a sustained steep drop in prices for the underlying assets. The vast majority of bitcoin transactions are done “off-chain” in exchanges, these financial intermediaries are vastly more convenient, require much less...

Hive Inflation For November 2022

Crypto has lost billions in market cap and valuation. Bitcoin has dropped to 15k levels. The HIVE price has also dropped from 0.48 to 0.32 at one point. At the moment it is around 0.36 USD. HBD has also dipped under its peg for a moment, and this has triggered HBD to...

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