When does selling feels worse

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The Hive token just got a huge pump and dump pattern over 24 hours, going from 53c to 95c and back to 62c.

A lot of people from the community must have taken some profits, so this question is aimed at you, since almost nobody sells the top and then buys the absolute bottom.

Here's the question, what does it feel worse, to sell at point A or to sell at point B?


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There is an argument to be made for each point in this timeline

  • Selling on point A feels bad because you had weak hands and sold early, missing out on potential profit because you chickened out, but you still made a profit so it can't be that bad.
  • Selling on point B feels bad because you were greedy and too ambitious and held the token above its peak, you were at the top and didn't see it, and then you made some profits because you chickened out on the dump, still a profit but out of weakness.

For me it's simple, it feels worse to sell at point A because you didn't have the balls to ride the wave, and you didn't even sell near the top. Yeah you got a profit you missed out on the big gains because you were a coward and you didn't read the market and the charts well enough, so missing out on these gains is all on you.

What about you? What do you think?

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You got exactly the same price whether you sold at A or B.

All the feelings and reasons surrounding it are nothing but noise.


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(Head) I try to set a target profit and sell based on that. Whilst I may miss the peak, I'm still walking away with more than I started with. I hit my target = satisfied and smug.

(Heart) Selling at A and missing that peak stings :)

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