2007 Liberty Dollar

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This is an Example of the Liberty Dollar

This is the silver round that was alleged to be "counterfeit" because it contained attributes similar to US minted silver rounds.

They made the case that having "lady liberty" on the front, LIBERTY in all caps around the obverse, "Trust in God" instead of "In God We Trust" and the date on the bottom, all were designs that were intentional counterfeit.

Except even with the similarities, this round would be VERY difficult to mistake for a Silver Eagle or any other silver coin.

image.png (Notice anything funny comparing the obverse and reverse of this round? Let me know in the comments!)

Never Go In Competition With Criminals

Wouldn't it be great to own an inflation-proof currency? That's exactly what the Liberty Dollar was intended to be. Even if the token says "TWENTY DOLLARS" on it, the actual value (in fiat dollars) remains negotiable. If silver experiences a "extreme price move" and goes to $100/oz, then this "$20" token is actually worth 100 + collectors premium. All negotiable.


The Liberty Dollar Creator Branded a "Domestic Terrorist"

The new word for people the fed doesn't like is "domestic terrorist" and we've seen what lengths they are willing to go to eliminating terrorism. But we live in a world that is not completely 1984 (yet), so there is the opportunity for vindication. While the Liberty Dollar creator was charge with 22 years of prison, he only served one year probation.


Owning a Liberty Dollar is Owning a Piece of History

Although the Liberty Dollar never really took off the way it could have, having a relic like this is a nice addition to any collection. They are available on ebay and yes, there is a 2022 edition, even now!


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Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of SIX (!!!) wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!


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Good report, IronShield - @ironshield. Yes, I remember this feud between NORFED Liberty Dollars and the, privately owned, Federal Reserve Bank & US Government. Interesting true story. Apparently, there is $500 Gold (.9999) version, also.

Yes, NORFED and the FED are both privately owned and operated - yet one is backed by the US gov and the other threatens the US gov. Not surprising what happened, but sad.

I appreciate you pointing out the differences. I have some constitutional silver and some silver eagles. Thanks for sharing.

Good collection! Especially the constitutional silver.

Sounds like a fellow I'd like shake his hand one day.
The only Terror he could possibly incite are the owners of the Federal Reserve who undoubtedly used the USD like a tactical nuke.

Sounds like a fellow I'd like shake his hand one day.

I used to get newsletter emails from Bernard and enjoyed every one of them. I should print them out, they may be worth something someday.

Anyone that the FED is afraid of is labeled a "terrorist". Applies in every nation, every silver stacker is probably "terrorists" to them... if they could get away with the accusation.

I like Liberty depicted in the liberty "dollar".
Do I have that? I mean the first editions.
Now you're going to make me go through my stuff!

You might find you have one buried under some pirate treasure!

Domestic Terrorist is overlooked from my side of the world, but anything that temped with money over here is a big offense so I don't see this guy getting out of prison if it ever happens here lol.
Apart from that, I will like to know how these collectibles work cause I don't know why I should hold something like that though.

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anything that temped with money over here is a big offense

I think it all comes down to if the action threatens their power. A shooting at a mall is tragic, but doesn't threaten their power, so in the end they shrug their shoulders. Create a superior inflation-proof currency and they'll raid your vaults and lock you up - now that's a threat to their power.

I will like to know how these collectibles work

It's supply and demand - because only so many of these were made, there are only so many out there. They may have a very big "markup" making them more collectible.

2006 and 2007? Interesting! It is interesting too that it says "Trust in God." It would be cool to have one of these coins!

Can't seem to make up it's mind! I prefer the saying "Trust in God" over "In God we Trust". Although depicting a false god on the obverse is a bit unnerving, what god are we talking about here?

Yeah the command "Trust in God" does sound better than saying that "we" trust in God. I always wonder who this we is... 😉

Very nice coin, even with the different dates, lol.

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Can't make up it's mind what year it was! That's how we know "liberty" is getting up there in age.

It's one thing I really don't like about the media and it's how they brand people. You would think a terrorist would be life-threatening but I don't really see that anymore.

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Offering an alternative negotiable trading currency is not illegal, and certainly not terrorism activity. Oooo scary, a silver round...

Are they two different coins? The first one was minted in 2007 and the other one in 2006.

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Same coin! Something got mixed up.

🤣😂 That will be very expensive!

That's truly a liberty dollar. Even in appearance, it shows that

The hyperbolic branding of non violent opponents is getting quite tiresome when these Chicken littles find that they cannot win an argument and resort to name calling.

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Like little children. They want their name calling to turn into a negative social credit score. They want to break our bones with sticks and stones.

If it was actually a "Liberty" dollar then it would be free.

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If liberty included theft, then yes. We celebrate our LIBERTY, yet we are taxed and taxation is theft.


Another beautiful coin. Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful words, thanks for commenting!

It is of course a precious piece of gem to behold goodwill makes etiquette.

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