$0.40 HIVE today?

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Today is looking like an interesting day. With HIVE hanging out in the $0.33 range most of this week, the last few days of this week have been interesting. We watched HIVE grow to about $0.35, then to about $0.37... now we're looking at close to $0.40.

I'll give my NONFINANCIAL opinion... the best is yet to come.

But what is your opinion? How will you respond? HODL? Or sell for HBD?


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How will you respond? HODL? Or sell for HBD?

HIVE is a great earner yet for long term savings BTC is my go to crypto. After the STEEM/HIVE fork my crypto was moved to ETH which has done about a 10x since then. My feeling, which is not financial advice, is earn in HIVE and store profit taking in BTC.


I wonder if you think of the !WEED tipping command (and its bot comment) as #nsfw. 🤔

I saw you appreciate it when the !LOLZ bot sent you WEED token dividends 7 months ago. 😅

Interesting observation. Considering I work from home, and I am my own boss, the WEED TOKEN is not considered "not safe for work" since it's a crypto currency. Different if it were actual physical marijuana, it's not safe (or at least not productive) to be HIGH at my workplace. Since we cannot get stoned from a WEED token, I do not find it offensive, so I appreciate any token given gift, which is why I thanked the lolz bot for both "WEED" and "LIST" tokens.

Thanks for your long answer. 🤗 I thought you would make a one-sentence answer similar to "I don't think that the !WEED token is #nsfw". 😅

While I know that the chance of Hive users seeing the WEED bot (or the WEED token) is #nsfw is low, I still asked you just to make sure. 😅 I have seen a few users around Hive who reacted negatively when they got "tipped" WEED. 🤓


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I also noticed that HIVE is increasing in price, a little late compared to the others, but I had the fear that it wouldn't move

I’d rather hold even though it is for a while and sell some when it gets to a resonance price

I was also very happy to see the price when I woke up in the morning because the price had stopped at one place for a long time.