The Cardinal Marketing Sin is being Boring - Zealy Campaign to the rescue

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When Seth Godin said;

In an attention economy, marketers struggle for attention. If you don't have it, you lose. Best selling Author - Permission Marketing, Purple Cow and Tribes

He wasn't far from the truth. It turns out a lot of things are asking for our attention these days and we have so little time to attend to all of these attention-seeking items. We have to call people, check up on them, watch our favorite show on TV, stream the latest film, or even Google about a lot of things. To be about to accomplish a large portion of the things we love to do, we start by filtering out what goes into our time and what doesn't. This means to be able to get anyone to listen to you, read your blog, and research your product, you will need to be a master at making them stop in their tracks and add you to the important lists.

The Cardinal Marketing Sin is being Boring - Zealy Campaign to the rescue.png
The truth is even though you have a lot of value to give anyone out there, there are certainly several other people with as much value as you can offer. So basically you are competing with these to gain the attention of a prospect. But if people do not care about what you are offering no matter how sparkling it is, then, you will run out of business faster than you started. After all, where will the money to keep moving forward come from if not from close deals and sales?

So every business that wants to be successful must find a way to get their products in the faces of those who will buy from them. The more people they can attract, the better their business will be because the overhead costs will be taken care of after several deals are closed and of course, profits will come seething in soon enough and they can hope to stay in business longer.

It's important to remember that being the center of attention is nice but you must do the things that help you make a sale not just being popular. This is why if you look around you'll see that our Leo team has put together a bigger Zealy Campaign for December.

As a community, we have to come to terms with the fact that we have a lot of value to offer as a Blockchain and that a lot of people out there could benefit from being a part of us. Whether they have to be here as content creators, investors, developers, etc. They need to come and see how much value they can get out of our community and this is one of the ways to get to them and to try to get their attention.

We do understand the essence of going to where our audiences are and where we are likely to gain clients in the form of on boarders. Using WEB2 which is where they gather all day long, we will be able to gain their attention to an extent. If we can market our product which is our WEB3 ecosystem to them, they will become customers.

With this initiative, we will be able to gain those who are perfectly suited for what we have to offer here. And the social media spaces we are going to be using are a sure bait because these are the places that they hang out. This is where I am sure will maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns. We will use as many appealing marketing techniques to pull them into this lovely ecosystem. They need to be here, someone has to tell them and if you want to be among those spreading the news around and helping to bring more faces, voices, investors, and business-savvy individuals to Hive then this Zealy campaign will appeal to you

All you have to do is sign up for the campaign by linking your discord to Zealy, finish setting up your account, and start finishing the tasks as much as you can. It will be not just fun, and exciting, but you will also have the chance to learn a few new things that you could use to improve your reception of WEB3, cryptocurrency, and the whole Blockchain. By being particularly receptive and well-informed about these things, you'll be better prepared to say and do the right things that will make the onboarding process go smoothly for all of us.

However, there's a catch. It's not just a chance to have fun and learn that's bottled in the campaign. You also stand the chance of winning any of these prizes;

• 5,000 HBD Pool.

• 100k Hive Power Pool in delegations for a month.

• 100k Leo Power Pool in delegations for a month.

• 100k SPS tokens.

• 30 InLeo Premium for a month.

• 1k $POSH tokens.

• 10k $ZING tokens.

• 10k WOO bucks.

It's fascinating right? I know. You should be part of the process and be one of the building blocks behind the growth of our communities here on Hive and Inleo.

The team mentioned that every quest will revolve around Hive, and web2: X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. So it will be a good thing to have accounts on all these platforms so you will be able to nail some of your quests without stress.

The campaign has already started but you still have time to catch up as it was scheduled for November 27 at 00:01 UTC to December 22 at 23:59. Here are the full details.

Don't forget to sign up here.. see you there!

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