Web3 Going Great 2022-02-16

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We all love our crypto go to the moon.
But some fail horribly funny.
February is halfway through, so lets have a look at some hilarious topics:

mtgDAO gets C&D
IP is hard. We get it, spam on Hive is build that way.
NFTs are mostly not realy owned by those selling it.
No issue.
But if you try to go against a big company, that is woned by an even bigger company, that invested billions into things like Star Wars and MArvel, you are just plain stupid.
Anyway, it is fun and theyir tweets are just well.. childish?
How old are they?

This reminds me of the TheSpicaDAO:


I own Harry Potter books.
Can I make now an anime based on it?

Freedom Convoys hard way to ship out Bitcoins
The GoFoundMe fundraiser for he antiVax trucker has been cancelled, so they set up a Bitcoun Schem.
That worked well and the collected 21 BTC.
Now they have to ship it out to them Truckers.
They don't really know, how to use them.
They need real money.
There is a way to get that money.
It is described here:

27 pages long.
Just read it.
Do you think, that looks like an easy way to spread money?
Nope, not to me.
But Freedom Money is Complicated Money

MoviePass watches you back
You could watch as many movies as you wanted with MoviePass in the past?
I never knew that one, but it seemed to be true.
They are now into Crypto, because there's them money.
You only have to watch an ad.
And get your eyeballs tracked.
Who is going to stop me, putting a dolls face in front of the screen?

What else did wie miss?
A ton of scams and cheating and hacks:

  • Wormhole Network hacked, $320 million out
  • KLAYswap hacked, $1.2 million out
  • Meter Passport hacked, $3.2 million out
  • Doodle Dragons, $30k rug pulled
  • Cent closed, fakes and plagiarism
  • EarnHub hacked, $284k out
  • LocksRare cash out $30 Million
  • Superfluid hacked, $8.7 million out
  • IRA Financial hacked, $36 million out
  • Baby Musk Coin, $2 million rug pulled
  • Dego Finance hacked, $10 million out
  • Jacked Ape Club, $500k rug pulled
  • BuildFinance DAO, empty, keys lost


  • Monero hash pool MineXMR at 47% going close to 51%

Keep in mind, this happend in the first 2 weeks of February.
I will keep you updated.
Next time maybe some more fun writing from my side.

So, how to avoid this?

Vote for me as witness!!!!

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Thanks for that depressing post!

Tomorrow some uplifting news..maybe about global warming?

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Sometimes I'm so happy that I stick to Hive and keep away from the "Wild West" of cryptos ;)

But all that FOMOS and airdrops and things you are missing!!!:))
Yes, Hive is a very calm environment compared to other coins


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