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RE: Seriously you have nothing to loose Tweeting about HIVE

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I wasn't into Twitter before because in my country nobody really uses it.. But since I got into Hive, I've started to use it and mainly for Hive and crypto related stuff. I take any opportunity to promote Hive on there ✌️🙂


Same here to be honest . I never really liked FB and twitter but I created the account just to promote Hive.

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@amr008 @nathanmars The normal person uses FB just for entertainment or connecting with people. It would be hard at first to convince them to give a chance to Hive.

I've really had to proactively create the accounts of people that I invited here just so they can see for themselves that this is the better option....

Absolutely , I totally agree with you. It's all about onboarding them , that's the hardest part , then the hive will do it's magic and they will be addicted.

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I truly appreciate it!

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Thank you. You are an inspiration , keep up the great job.

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We're doing this together :)

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Congrats, you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on LeoFinance .
You made a total of 66 comments and talked to 32 different authors .
Your rank is 2 .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

I am running a Hive giveaway contest too , to win it - you have to be in Top 20 in CTP + LEO + SPORTS + Top 5 in STEM
Today's winner of 1 HIVE is - jfang003 and amr008

Appreciate it bro!

Twitter is HIVE's best friend if we want to see $5 HIVE this year.

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I know you're goin crazy on your Twitter game bro, Keep it up.

I'm just starting out on it but I'm gonna give my best to spread awareness as well.