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Hello there,

Since we typically write about things that surround side hustles and maximizing investable income, I had decided to write about something that is not quite crypto but can help to gain more crypto.

And its name is Current

Imagine listening to Spotify like playlists or radio stations and getting some cash for it? How much time do you typically spend everyday to listen to music you like, in a day/week/month? For certain I listen to music quite a lot during work and play and while studying/researching subjects. Now imagine the situation with crypto we currently are in, ETH alone is over $1k and Bitcoin has gone past its previous all time highs.

I am looking for ways to get more cash and cryptocurencies into my possesion because there's so many other things we must focus on, not everyone gets hundreds or thousands of dollars every month to invest nor everyone is willing to spend their hard-earned money


How much could you expect to earn? Based upon my approach it's possible to have $20 sent to your PayPal within a month, excluding all the processing periods. I got a friend that cashes out more often than that so you are able to earn more if you adapt your own habits and ways.

So, how does Current earn their share? Typically, ads when you check in or willingly watch them for extra boost as well as surveys and offer walls.

Just to make it clear this is not sponsored by Current in any way so I have given my personal perspective on this one.

Sign up to Current with my link
And get a start up bonus

Sign up to Betfury
and get free BTC with passive income opportunitties

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