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RE: Creating Content on the Blockchain - Getting Started

in LeoFinance7 months ago

I believe this would be really helpful. Thanks for showing me, I ll also show my noobs.

Although I have some complains to make. It's all for improvement and not castigating.

I have had issues onboarding through peakd and ecency.

For peakd it's either it just gets stuck at the point of confirming preferred username. While ecence keeps say up address is low. Nog sure what that may mean. A friend of mine even concluded it was racism hehe.. I had to calm him down and find an explanation..

I have mostly used leofinance to get people in, with Facebook and Twitter ad-ons, those where really exclusive idea and I appreciate the team everyday for making onboarding that easier. Especially using twitter.

I should make a post on it.
I also a bit focused on onboarding these days.

The other difference is that peakd and ecency had they worked for me, would have been cool because of the referral and keeping records, no benefits. But with leo, nothin like that but I feel more satisfied with the ease it brings.

I m also quite convinced that after onboarding, mentoring is key, I ll definitely share your series with them.

If there is an onboarding project kindly let me know if it.

Great work @shadowspub


That's interesting to know on the onboarding issues. Is it possibly something to do with the networks in your area? Mobile vs desktop useage maybe?

Leofinance is doing a lot of work on infrastructure from what I've read, sounds like it makes a difference for some.

It doesnt matter which, both Mobile and pc.

Thanks to the Leo guys.