A future for those without one [CO-Teaser Freewrite]

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Life in developing countries can be though. Last Friday, I went on a bit of a rant about opportunities online. Because, in a local context we are stuck.

The mental and financial impact of Covid on countries like Suriname are huge. Especially to the general public. The wealthy of course know how to maintain their wealth (until a generation turns soft and consumes it all), and those in power will do everything to stay in power. But the general public is stuck, really stuck. Owning 1 Bitcoin now means you are a millionaire in my country.

Ten years ago $1 (USD) was worth roughly SRD 3 (Surinamese Dollars). Currently, $1 goes for SRD 21. Imagine your life savings being less than 20% of what is was previously worth. And they say cryptocurrency is volatile.

How do you give a country hope that lost its hope due to politics and bad governance? By providing opportunities. I see the Spanish community thriving on Hive, much like I saw the Malaysian community has thrived as well. Slowly, Hive is becoming much more of different tribes co-existing amongst each other.

For me, it's going back to where the journey really started. Writing daily. It is part of my plan for getting the routine back. I always end up back where I started, with a little twist. Because my freewrites now have some LEO, CTP, POB and ALIVE sprinkled on top of it.

Back to the topic, opportunities. Today's freewrite prompt had me baffled. 'Medicine cards'. I had to Google it and came across a book called Medicine cards. The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals. Believe it or not, the blockchain already has something like this. It is called VeeFriends, a NFT project by Gary Vaynerchuk. The crazy thing is, GaryVee right now is so far ahead his peers in the traditional marketing world, it is not even fair anymore. The 10.000 VeeFriends were minted between 0.5 - 2.5 ETH. Right now, the floor on Opensea is 17.4 ETH. Just think about that. The main reasons, scarcity and utility. There are 10.000 NFTs and at least 100.000 people that want in. And .. the NFTs actually have real life utility, as owning a VeeFriend gives access to an exclusive VeeCon event, for 3 straight years.

Yet, when you would tell these opportunities to those stuck in modern day bureaucracy, they will only see obstacles.

But change will come, little by little, day by day. Right @johnsdowie?

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