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RE: Introducing CUB Kingdoms | Cross-Platform Autocompounding Yield Vaults

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The APR does make sense since we have noticed how most Defi project's price drops over time. Is the APR for the CUB kingdom going to be better than the CUB Den? Are we getting some extra percentage on top of the Den's APR?

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It will be a better APY (APR will be the same) but as you are human and not a billionaire you cannot "optimize" your $CUB reinvestments. By making it a Kingdom, Cubdefi will do it for you. Therfore your APY in the Kingdom will be higher than the APY you currently have in the Den.

Also, they are working to make a partnership with another DeFi platform, so I guess in the DEN Kingdom we might earn another asset soon (boosting the kingdom APR then !)

I might not have been clear. Sorry if it the case.

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