You can't be late to join the train of Hive Power UP Day (hpud) when your mind is committed

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At the start of my journey on Hive, I did not know exactly where the path would lead me. It was presented to me as a community until much later that I got to realize that it is far more enveloping, a bit of every, one here, another there. Just like a newborn baby has developmental milestones, the newbie on Hive begins to have neck control, grasps, crawls, stands with support, walks (falls several times), and eventually is able to run. For us on Hive, we aim to fly to the ends of the earth through the chain.


I have had my fair share of the developmental milestones and had the opportunity to onboard a handful. Some, like described by @terganftp came for the money (and are either inconsistent or no longer active), and only a minority have stayed loyal till now. Similar to my description above, you agree with me that the infant child falls even when he has begun to walk. Hive has stages of relevance, mostly attributed to the weight of your HP. Sometimes, even when we think we can walk, we fall, but what matters most is that we rise after each fall.

My entry to Hive was in October 2022, and I barely managed to end that year with a 100 HP. I was mostly inconsistent, and perhaps my onboarder, @monica-ene felt she was persuading me too much to post at least once a week (that was how bad it got). In fact, for three months on Hive, I barely made my presence felt.

Lucky for me, I was least worried about the profits, but then I was made to realize Hive could be a lifeline when alternatives are limited. My first withdrawal on the chain was in June, I think, after the fuel subsidy was removed in Nigeria and the brunt of the economy hit hard on everyone. My withdrawals from Hive to meet daily needs have become regular since then, giving me daily manna when the need arises. It was timely for me, and I wish I had saved up much more and earlier.

I was able to buy some fuel from my earnings on Hive, thankfully with a few wins as well. My savings culture also developed on Hive; however, when I fell sick in September, I had to withdraw my little savings and, thankfully, did not touch my HP. My very first power-up on Hive was in June 2023, and ever since then, I have made it a habit to participate in every month's power-up day, irrespective of how little my power-up would be. My engagement also decreased (for those who noticed) as the ailment took a hard toll on me. There were days when my phone was switched off and I could not come online. The wish and desire of every sick person is to get well; that was all the wealth I needed to create more wealth.

I thought I would be able to achieve a 200 HP increase from September; however, I have been stuck at 100 HP monthly, which is fair, though not good enough. My intention is to double my hustle, engage more, and work on quality posts. Probably because I jumped the gun at learning some basics as a newbie, I would love to learn how to beautify my posts. I'm sure this would add more glamour to the rich contents I get to share.

My plan was to hit 2K HP before the year runs out, but tonight, I'm at 1323 HP, and I can only aim for 1500 HP, even though a miracle is possible. I hope to improve on my delegations. Recently I delegated 250 HP to @zingtoken and I have been enjoying some dividends of Zing tokens which I stake regularly.

It's not too late to be optimistic for 2024, which I eagerly look forward to. I will definitely hit the 5k HP before the year runs out, and, yes, my Leo tokens should be past 1k by this time next year. Thankfully, my leave begins on Monday, December 4th, when I was due to have commenced on November 13th. Unfortunately, the leave would not spill over, but I'm hopeful to have one month of limited interruptions.

Today I've been able to power up a little Hive in #hpud despite the difficult times.

Thank you for taking the time to read through it. I would love to have your comments and contributions.

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