Ask LEO: Is a Social Credit System inevitable?

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As we look around the world, there are many signs in many places that Governments and big businesses are intruding more and more into the lives of individuals. Whatever you think of the impositions and restrictions during the Covid "pandemic", it is undeniable that governments have taken significant steps into regulating peoples behavior.

Be it vaccine mandates, travel restrictions, banning protests and so on, control and coercion has ramped up from governments and major corporations, often working together.

The path to a Social Credit system seams inevitable, and many would argue that the last couple of years have been a precursor, or conditioning people in this direction.


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Is a Social Credit Score inevitable?

QR codes became the norm for many parts of the world, as we had to check in everywhere during the pandemic.

Many people have been de-platformed from various social media platforms for speaking against the mainstream narrative.

People have been de-banked (particularly in Canada for example) simply for donating some funds to support protests.

Travel restrictions have been imposed, both interstate (here in Australia for example) and internationally, with certain actions - being fully vaccinated - being made a requirement to travel in many cases.

Companies have requirements now for ESG scores or reporting in many areas, and many funds (like Blackrock for example) assess companies on the Environmental, Social and Governance measures (ESG). ESG scores appear to me to be a form of corporate social credit score.

Apps and trackers are appearing to keep track of individuals Carbon footprints. Here in Australia for example, reports have emerged that Commonwealth Bank (one of Australia's largest retail banks) is adding an app to its online banking service that will track individuals Carbon usage based on their spending monitored and assessed by the bank along with a third party.

With the increase in focus on "climate change", or "global warming" or whatever they are calling it currently, how long until the purchase of certain products becomes limited or restricted (like only allowed 1 serving of red meat per week). There are steps to limit the supply side (see the farmer protests, particularly in the Netherlands), how long until the demand side is restricted?

I could go on, but you get the point.

So my #askleo questions are:

Is this inevitable?

Is this a good thing?

If not, how can people stop it?

What do you think?

I'd love to hear peoples thoughts, and constructive discussion in the comments section.

Thanks for reading,


If you enjoyed this post, I also posted recently about the personal financial cost of non-compliance I incurred from choosing to remain unvaccinated.

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This has been going on for a long time. Slowly. There is an event that justifies a change (where we sacrifice civil liberties for the "greater good"). 9-11 - We let airports have their way with us in the name of safety. Covid-19 - we weren't allowed to leave the house without documentation. Those are just 2 examples from our lifetime. Mass media is great at manipulating the easily coerced section of the population (which seems to be the majority). Democracy is rule of the majority (easily coerced). Therefore, we live in a world where those that control the media, control the majority who then vote to allow more madness.

Is it a good thing? That depends on who you ask. Many people feel great protected by the government from terrorists, or rampant virus' or drugs... I feel it is an intentional erosion of our rights until we don't have any. Many of these events may not be planned (but are likely planned for)... and are certainly used to erode human rights.

This pretty clearly sums up how we have gotten here.

Just as an example, one of the worst state premiers here in Australia, Dan Andrews in Victoria, is up for re-election soon. His state was one of the most locked down in the world, 800 people died in a bungled hotel quarantine system, his police violently cracked down on peaceful protestors, on multiple occasions, and many businesses and lives where destroyed in the last couple of years - not to mention a number of corruption probes and implications over the years. Despite all this, he is expected to win the election in a few weeks quite convincingly.

My only conclusion from this is that people like having the government run their lives, and will comply with almost anything to remain in the majority, and not become considered an outcast.

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1984 : Big Brother is watching you.
2084 : Big Brother is dictating you.

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It has felt over the last couple of years that the 1984 book has been used as a roadmap or guide by many of our "leaders"

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I don't think it's a good thing but in order to prevent this, we need way more people to speak up and say that it's not right. I don't like everyone just following the same speaking points by some politician or news outlets. It's politics over business lately.

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I've been getting pretty disillusioned lately that there is just not enough people awake to what is going on. So many just seem to be heading like lemmings over the cliff.

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Is this inevitable?

Yes and no...

Is this a good thing?

Definitely not, it rotten our fundamental freedoms.

If not, how can people stop it?

Working on creating a parallel system(financial, educational, social, etc). The current one can't be fixed.

What do you think?

Blame China...

Is it "blame China" or is it just that the people pulling the strings are trying to emulate China?

I agree, the parallel systems is the way to go. My worry is that the critical mass of people opting out of the mainstream is just not there. A small minority is a fairly easy thing to suppress. Feeling fairly pessimistic lately that most of this is unavoidable.

I always love reading your posts on these topics, keep up the good work mate.

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