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RE: LeoFinance overtakes GEMS as the most rewarded community on Hive

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Content is King, information is valuable, Hive communities growth is slowly developing with adoption of clear numbering used.

Call it the settling in stage, now for real growth, stop watching growth to bounce from place to place, it is happening even with ebb and flow of crytpcurrencies all around being hailed bigger or better.

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I'd like to think that this is only the stage setting phase, and we are preparing for a major influx of investors and users :)

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People are so distracted with crypto becoming a household name to many, older members are watching markets more closely, keeping up to date.

My deep gut feel, settling down will take place with members and investors arriving, so many excellent front-ends working hard to access new.


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Laying a foundation, that is for sure.

The key will be filling in the communities with users.

Overall, the growth rate on Hive is rather flat. We still require that "breakthrough" community.

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Is Project Blank going to be a community on Hive like Leofinance, or is it something else entirely? I think that would be the "breakthrough" community.

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I think it is going to be more of an application similar to Peakd and I guess it could have a community opened up but it is more of an interface that is general in nature similar to what I just mentioned.

Either way, I expect it to be a very popular application. We all can promote if rather easily and I think attract newer users.

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The key will be filling in the communities with users.

Everything has been spread thin, all tokens ans/or communities opening are simply attracting current members within the Hive already.

Press releases, content on Medium or similar should be on-going, sharing to older platforms helps keep momentum up, more places to be used to attract.

Hive split under a year ago March 20th, finding "breakthrough" needs a robust push from excellent content marketers we have here in Hive.