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MOSDEX has been up and running for over a year now. On my own end, it’s been about 4 months since my account was created and became active. With the 30 USDT incentive, many more passive income enthusiasts have embraced the platform.

No doubt, incentivization works, it is almost a sure way to push an unknown project to popularity. But even the best incentives will be unable to sustain a poor-quality project. I don’t really have reliable information about the number of users signing up on MOSDEX generally, but my referral link has seen some good clicks and registrants. Most of them have become dedicated users of the platform.

If you are yet to sign up, simply click HERE to get started. The USDT bonus should reflect on your account once your registration is completed on the Admin side. You can submit a complaint ticket on the website if you didn’t receive the bonus after signing up.

Jumping into a proposed interactive review; the goal is to get insights from everyone who has used the MOSDEX arbitrage income platform over the past few months. Especially ones who signed up after reading any of the contents I’ve published about the platform.

Do note that this is not in affiliation with the MOSDEX team in any way. However, I’d like to get into an engagement session with anyone who has used the platform so far. Not to delineate any subjects, so, criticisms are totally welcomed.

Again, this will probably not lead to any changes in the project itself, but an informative chain of comments will surely be handy to any old, new, or intending user.

For reference, here’s what you need to know about MOSDEX

MOSDEX incorporates the services of independent protocols, products, and algorithms to deliver a solution like this. These entities work in synergy to deliver an efficient tool for every investor who craves a better way to run cryptocurrency trades.

The MOSDEX facility consists mainly of an Arbitrage trading protocol, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange powered by the Atomic swap technology, and a custodial wallet that lets users store and move assets between themselves, their peers, and the MOSDEX facility as well.

The Arbitrage protocol collates the trading prices of an asset across different exchanges and compares them. It detects the difference between the prices of the asset on these trading platforms and swiftly trades the arbitrage by buying on the cheaper exchange and selling on the costlier exchange. It is built to seamlessly traverse between exchanges and employs profit management strategies to ensure that every trade is completed with a net profit.

The Arbitrage protocol works on centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

The functionality of MOSDEX’s arbitrage protocol is powered by Artificial intelligence algorithms, Machine learning protocols, and Oracle protocols that service different aspects of the application. Artificial intelligence algorithms are employed to take cognizance of the market structure.

It studies related moves and takes note of the price development pattern and the arbitrage pattern as well, data collected from this study is fed to the protocol and is used to determine the protocol’s next move.

If the above description impresses you enough; click here to get a MOSDEX account and don’t forget to leave your reviews in the comment section.

Every comment will be attended to!

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