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A comment on one of the articles shared about MOSDEX pointed out the 10 USDT or 0.001 BTC staking threshold as one of the turn-offs of the staking system on the MOSDEX arbitrage staking platform. Being a staker myself, this point is very valid and a good percentage of stakers may hold this opinion as well. Another tangible thing to point out could be the withdrawal threshold as well. Both are valid points to raise.

But behind these, the MOSDEX arbitrage protocol has been rewarding for the past months – since it came to life. Stakers have, during this period, redeemed their rewards and enjoyed a consistent reward. In the article where I analyzed what the daily income looks like for a 10,000 USDT stake on the platform, a staker who commits such an amount to the arbitrage protocol will earn up $60 daily. This income, despite not being the best daily income known, is quite impressive for a $10,000 investment. The staker in this scenario earns a guaranteed passive income of up to $1500 per month.

Staking on MOSDEX is an idea a whole lot of investors are levitating up to. The interest rate has picked up in the past few months, this is based on data generated from hits on referral links. And presumed interests in contents.

Exploring the platform lets you understand how it works, on the hood and on the surface. If you are yet to get a MOSDEX account, click here to get started. The 30 USDT welcome bonus is enough to test out every feature of the platform, complete your first staking and see how rewards accrue on staked assets. You can also experiment with the different reward rates for the three established staking durations. The 90-day staking plan is a popular one.

In a previous article, I shared a few tips on how you can grow your capital on the platform. Click here to read.

On your active account, have you staked on MOSDEX yet? If yes, then you surely have a wealth of experience with the arbitrage protocol’s profitability and the features on the platform. do well to share a few of them!

Yet to stake? Here’s a guide on how to access the staking portal and how to properly stake your asset to the protocol. you can also choose from any of these recommended practices to grow your capital.


MOSDEX is a tool that helps traders maximize their profits through arbitrage trading while minimizing the hassles they go through to bring this to fruition. MOSDEX is designed to serve minimalist and institutional investors all in one.

MOSDEX incorporates the services of independent protocols, products, and algorithms to deliver a solution like this. These entities work in synergy to deliver an efficient tool for every investor who craves a better way to run cryptocurrency trades.

The MOSDEX facility consists mainly of an Arbitrage trading protocol, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange powered by the Atomic swap technology, and a custodial wallet that lets users store and move assets between themselves, their peers, and the MOSDEX facility as well.

Get a MOSDEX account today and start earning from arbitrages. A 30 USDT bonus is awarded to new registrants.

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