MOSDEX earning report for February

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I’ve been spending some time on MOSDEX, exploring the protocol, and betting some funds on the platform. MOSDEX offers a consistent income opportunity through arbitrage trading. The MOSDEX arbitrage bot generates profits by trading price variations across pairs and exchanges.

If you are interested in exploring the platform, Click here to register. A 30 USDT bonus is awarded on successful registration.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a 24hrs income report on MOSDEX and my observations show a passive income of $60 every 24hrs on for a $10,000 stake using the 90 days plan. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

The earnings have been building up since this time and thanks to the arbitrage bot staying in profits most of the time, the fluctuations have been mostly positive. The stakes are being constantly shuffled between 90 days and 30 days plans and also between bitcoin and USDT.

staking history.png

A move into the history section provides a visual record of the staking, rewards, and redemption over the stated period of time. Total stakes sit at over 18,000 USDT and 5.3 BTC. The staking history shows how this has been shuffled over time.

Moving over to the claim history page to better understand the staking income for this time frame. The last claim on the 90 days USDT and BTC staking plans was done on 23rd February. So as not to distort the integrity of this report, no more claims will be made as claiming was skipped for the last five days of February.

staking positions.png

Checking the staking page, over the period from 23rd February to 6th March, over 1,300 USDT and 0.4 BTC have been accrued on the USDT and BTC staking plans respectively.

Taking in the Numbers

With the current stakes, the passive income has been building up faster also due to additional rewards on the platform, the extra income is one to watch too.


You can view the extra rewards on the rewards tab in the history section. The record shows that over 230 USDT in staking rebates has been earned between November 2022 and March 2023. Claim commissions are also part of the extra income programs. A separate article will explain these more.

claim history.png

To the main figure. Calculating the income for this period of time, the collated record shows that over 2,800 USDT has been earned on the 90-day USDT staking plan while over 0.7BTC has been earned on the 90-day BTC staking plan as well.

Note the amount staked on each of these and estimate what your earnings will look like if you are staking an amount different from this or choosing a different plan.

The staking profitability also depends very much on the general Bot profitability. In case your estimates skew, consider comparing the profitability of the bot with your point of comparison.

Subsequently, the earning reports will be updated weekly to ensure that these figures are followed sequentially and not presented in bulk.

In conclusion...

In other news, MOSDEX announced adding three more exchanges to the arbitrage bot’s coverage. The Bot gains more liquidity, spread, and information feed through the added exchanges for trading intelligence developments.

In previous content, a few readers have voiced their fears about staking on MOSDEX and how the protocol works. A number of contents have attempted to explain this, however, it is important to apply caution and perform personal research before investing in any cryptocurrency, do note that every project, especially in crypto, has its own risk factors. Also, note that this content is primarily informational and no part is financial advice.

Register on MOSDEX to earn passive income through automated arbitrage trading. MOSDEX rewards you with 30 USDT for registering. Note that duplicate registration and fake APIs might prevent you from receiving the registration bonus.