MOSDEX weekly earning report.

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The MOSDEX earning report comes in just in time this week. Updates will be made as they come. The report is essentially to keep followers more informed on how the earning system on MOSDEX and how they can improve their positions if they staked to MOSDEX.

The arbitrage bot has reported pretty stable and positive profitability this week and this has hovered around 68%. Note that this estimation is based on random checks on profitability and not an assertion from an empirical study. The weekly report will better show the variation in return with time.

This week’s report starts from 13th to 20th March, this shows, with screen proof, the passive income generated from the trading bot during this time. The staked amount consists of over 5.3 BTC and $18,000 USDT. Both assets are staked on the 90-day staking plan. Subsequent reports will indicate if there are any changes to these figures.

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Taking in the numbers

Screenshot (811).png
The last claim on the staking account was made on 13th March to clear the previous week’s report. With the slate clean, the subsequent earnings are a true record of a 7-day earning statistics.

The total income for the week was calculated after the final claim was made at 19:40 (GMT) almost the same time as the previous week’s claim.
From the obtained values, the accumulated income in BTC sits at over 0.5 BTC while the accrued USDT income sits at over 1,560 USDT. Trimming it down, this represents a daily income of over 222 USDT and an hourly income of 9 USDT

Screenshot (810).png
For next week, the staked amount will remain the same, this will allow a better view of the 14 days variation.

Having shared this report, ensure that you understand the risks in cryptocurrency investment before diving into any cryptocurrency project. Also, note that this content is informational and no part is financial advice.

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