Refer your friends to MOSDEX and enjoy a whole new and improved reward system.

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If you think the MOSDEX arbitrage bot has been very rewarding over these past few months, here’s a piece of equally better news, you can earn more rewards for telling your friends about the platform and guiding them to get a staking account and stake to the trading bot.

According to a publication made on April 20, the MOSDEX team has shared their resolve to improve the reward package for users who refer people to the platform. The improved package spreads across rebate and staking rewards. Referral reward improvements will see users earn better returns in their passive staking ventures on the platform.

Both the referrer and the new registrant stand to benefit from the package. The new registrant is entitled to a percentage of the referrer’s rewards while the referrer enjoys even more rewards relative to the number of successful invitees.

According to the improved reward package

  1. MOSDEX will automate the referral ranking system to ensure that users who meet the requirements are moved to a higher reward system instantly. This deprecates the former manual validation system which can be time-consuming and delays the reward improvement depending on the workload on the administration system. Pro-level upgrades will now be automatic

  2. Referrers can now receive up to 3% in staking rebates for the 90-day staking period. This represents a 500% increase from the previous 0.6%. staking rebate offer for referrers.

  3. Users also get to enjoy an improved claim commission according to the number of users they invite. A staking commission of up to 10% is up for grabs! The 10% staking commission means that an extra claim of 10% of your staking reward can be claimed when you make a claim.

Here’s a look at the new and improved reward offerings.

Screenshot (879).png

In addition to the improved reward system, MOSDEX has also introduced a down-liner benefit system that referrers earn from their invitees as well. According to this, a MOSDEX user who refers a friend will earn 10% of the invitee’s referral rewards. That is, if you refer a friend and they refer a friend too, you earn 10% of the reward your friend earns from their invitees. This also applies to your invitee and their downlines.

How to Benefit?

The new reward system is already in function and is available to every user without restrictions to any location. Benefiting from this system is easy, obtain your referral link from your MOSDEX account and share it with your friends to create an account via your link. Ensure that the invitee clicks the right and completes the registration.

To obtain your referral link, Click on the profile icon from your dashboard and click “Referral program”.

Screenshot (876).png

On the personalized referral page, scroll down to find and copy your referral code and share it with your friends. As part of the registration incentive, your invitee will also receive a 30 USDT bonus upon completion of registration.

If you are yet to get a MOSDEX account, Click Here to register and enjoy a one-time 30 USDT bonus.

Read the official announcement and note that every piece of information herein was drawn from official announcements.

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