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The crypto market is not looking the brightest at the moment and isn't HIVE an exception.
Against BTC, HIVE's -2.5% dip within the last 24 hours sees it trade at 0.00000946 BTC with $0.30 to the Dollar.

According to Coingecko 1 HIVE trades at R4.35.

At the rate of which prices of basic necessities are on the rise, one needs about 4 HIVE to buy a loaf of bread in South Africa.

Hopefully we get to a point where 1 or half a HIVE can buy a loaf of bread in SA. I do think that is possible to the least though.

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We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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Yeah, we're moving in an empty place ... btw: I'm registered with @poshtoken but never get the comment from it???

I don't even get the token drop 🤷‍♂️ at least am getting the comments that should count for something 😃😃

Not a good time in the market. Hope hive hold past till the 30cent till the market stabilizes again

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Very rough time, you buy a dip and the dip dips.

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Same with me two days ago but am prepared to wait for it to rise again, ones have to be patient to survive crypto

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Yeah. That's one virtue that needed in this space. Without Patience, one would be selling at a loss.

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Yeah. Can be saddened. Did a few some hours go only to realize I bought earlier :-). The only consolation is i intend to hold it for a long time with the hope that the price increases.

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If it does that would be a huge pass mark on the stability test

Yeah. It would show our strength if we pull this off. Weekends seems to be crazy

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