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It’s hard to believe that the month of May has already come to an end. But, that once again means it is my favorite time of the month. The time when I calculate all of my crypto-related earnings. If you are new, this is part of an ongoing monthly series that I write documenting my journey toward hopefully reaching financial independence. There are two main reasons why I write these articles. The first is that documenting and writing these articles really helps me to see my own progress and keeps me motivated to continue. The second reason is that I hope it will help people reading this article begin their own journey toward financial freedom. After all, if I can do it, anyone can. They are never meant to show off at all.

The month of May was disappointing in the crypto market. While March and April saw Bitcoin begin to move up. There were hopes that the banking crisis might be the catalyst to jumpstart the next bull run. However, for the time being, the market has been moving slowly. In fact, we moved sideways the entire month. There were some big things that did happen. Ordinals and BRC20 tokens continue to shake up the Bitcoin ecosystem. Sui, a layer 1 project finally launched. And then there was PEPE, the meme token that took the market by storm.

My earnings for the month of May seemed to suffer, especially on writing platforms. This source of income is always highly dependent on the performance and mood of the market. During bullish days, earnings here are great. During bearish days, earnings suffer. People just don’t want to read about crypto or finance when they are losing money in the market.

During May, my earnings consisted of 2 main sources. Writing about cryptocurrency and staking. I’m still searching for a 3rd pillar to add to the mix ever since I stopped lending out crypto.

Without further delay, let’s look at my performance during May.

Cryptocurrency Blogging


As always, Publish0x remains one of my most consistent earners and is one of my favorite places to spend my time. Most people here are welcoming, excited to learn and share as well. It’s a great place to get your start either reading about crypto or beginning to write as well.

As of writing this article, I have now reached 8,000 followers on Publish0x. Thank you all for your support and for reading my articles. I’m honestly shocked to have reached this level. I hope that you are enjoying the articles that I continue to put out.

Publish0x Total = $64.29

Hive / LeoFinance

During the month of May, my earnings in Hive and LeoFinance took a nosedive to nearly zero. Ever since LeoFinance updated its website. For the time being, I will continue to write there. But I am beginning to explore my options.

Hive = $3.09 LeoFinance = $0

Combined Total = $3.09


My follower numbers on Substack continue to increase, but unfortunately, there were no new paid members this month.

Substack Total = $0


May was a solid month on Medium. For some reason, my performance toward the beginning of the month is usually slower than toward the middle and end of the month. Medium continues to be my biggest earner and I’m excited to keep growing here.

Medium Total = $575

Freelance Writing

Unfortunately, there were no freelance writing opportunities this month.

Freelance Writing Total = $0

Cryptocurrency Blogging Total = $642.38 Crypto Staking


0.0306434 ETH = $58.22

Due to Kraken eliminating staking options for US citizens; I needed to find a new home to stake a small portion of my Ethereum. For the time being I chose Coinbase. They charge insane fees, but I don’t have a lot of trust in Binance US. Which means there aren’t a lot of other options for US services. Unless I decide to use services like Lido or Rocketpool.

Coinbase Total = $58.22

Internet Computer (ICP)

I continue to stake my ICP on NNS and am enjoying the passive income. ICP continues to be the largest gamble that I’m taking in my portfolio.

ICP Total Earned = 3.90 ICP = $18.83

Crypto Lending & Staking Total = $77.05 Miscellaneous

Coinbase Wallet

The Coinbase Wallet was offering another quest-earning opportunity. This time the reward was $10 worth of Optimism that could be earned by minting your own NFT.


Coinbase Earn Total = $0


My SWEAT token airdrop continued to be gradually unlocked which I promptly sold off.

SWEAT — $1 (unlocked)

Miscellaneous Total = $11 Total May Earnings = $730.43

Overall, my earnings for the month of May were a little down from my expectations but continued to stay in the same range where I typically end up. But I’m very happy with them and am excited to keep grinding next month.

How about you? What have you been doing to earn crypto income?

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As always, thank you for reading!