Bitcoin is the Next Crypto Narrative

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With each new crypto cycle, it seems there is a new narrative that puts the market in a bullish frenzy. In 2017 it was ICOs, in 2020 it was DeFi Summer. From 2021 to 2022 it was meme tokens and NFTs. Each time it is something different that people feel is the next big thing. People feel that there is money to be made, and then they FOMO in. However, most people who are in the cryptocurrency market have only been here for a few years. They have never seen Bitcoin as the narrative. As the asset that is going parabolic, that people are diving into. They have seen the price of Bitcoin go up, but they have never seen it be the entire crypt narrative.

But that will soon change. The next narrative in crypto isn’t gaming, DeFi, meme coins, or even NFTs. Bitcoin will be the next big narrative in crypto, and most people aren’t ready for what is coming.

The first thing that you need to admit, is that everything we thought we knew about Bitcoin is currently being thrown out the window. As recently as a handful of months ago, Bitcoin was thought of as a blockchain where people only bought and HODLed. Using it as a way to preserve their wealth. That was about it. However, starting in January everything has changed. With the introduction of Ordinals on Bitcoin, (inscription NFTs) a wave of changes began to come to Bitcoin.

While Ordinals are still highly controversial amongst Bitcoiners. There is no denying that it has brought a whole new type of hype to BTC’s ecosystem that we haven’t seen in several years, or maybe not at all. All of a sudden main streamers in crypto were attracted to Bitcoin and it was the place where the “gold rush” was happening. The mindset of Bitcoiners also began to change from a place where everything moved incredibly slowly, at a snail’s pace. But now development is moving at a blistering pace. Arguably Bitcoin is currently innovating and evolving at the fastest rate in crypto.

Then came the implementation of BRC-20 tokens on Bitcoin. Allowing tokens to be minted and traded on Bitcoin. Similar in a way to how tokens are able to be created on Ethereum. Once again this is proving Bitcoin naysayers wrong; that real innovation is currently happening on Bitcoin and that limitations are nothing. Along with Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens have once again caused degen traders to rush toward Bitcoin in hopes of getting lucky of finding the next gem being built on crypto.

In the past Bitcoiners have had mixed opinions about degens and “distractions” being built on other blockchains. They have felt that the future is going to be Bitcoin only and that other blockchains are simply noise in the space. Distractions that are preventing Bitcoin from reaching its true potential. While some Bitcoin maxis are still against Ordinals, BRC-20s, or anything like that taking place on their “pure” Bitcoin blockchain. Other Bitcoiners have been excited to see development and innovation return to Bitcoin.

It seems that every week there is a new innovation with Bitcoin that exceeds what we thought was possible with Bitcoin, and another new innovation could be on the horizon. Perhaps Ethereum’s biggest strength is its EVM, (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and it appears that this soon could be built on Bitcoin and will be called BVM. This would allow DEXs, DeFi, Swaps, and everything that is possible on other blockchains, to be done on Bitcoin. All of a sudden this would render 99% of other blockchains useless.

With all of these things currently happening with Bitcoin, it is becoming more clear that Bitcoin will be the next big crypto narrative. We have seen all of these things being built on other blockchains before, but not Bitcoin. Would you rather invest in an NFT or token that is built on a blockchain that could soon disappear or be rugged, or would you rather invest in one built on Bitcoin? That is the great value proposition that is being presented here. Then taking into account that the next Bitcoin halving is soon approaching, banks are collapsing all around us, and people are finally waking up to the real value that Bitcoin presents. All of the signs are lining up for a bullish season for Bitcoin like we have never seen before.

How about you? Do you think Bitcoin is the next big crypto narrative?

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