The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 115

in LeoFinance12 days ago

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What a week....

And for all the wrong reasons it seems!

We dove into your questions and concerns about the madness that was the Terra / Luna situation and so much more.

Once again, you guys showed up and we are so thankful and grateful for all the contributions you make for this podcast project.

Hope you enjoy the show and thanks for tuning in!

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Very informative podcast. Interesting to get a deeper understanding of the crypto markets and the unique way that Hive is set up.

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!


I was busy during the last half of the week so I guess I missed the Q&A post. I'll try to make it next week and make sure I leave a question for the show. It looks like a lot of people are concerned about price but I think they just need to get distracted by making comments/posts here on Hive.

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Amen to that!

Price just means...Less competition for people to stick out here :)


very good chat, lots of questions answered. What a crazy week we've had.

Thanks for checking it out :)


Honestly one of the most exciting weeks in a long time and no I did not short anything, but where else do you get a ride like this. Losing thousands of dollars because you believe we will crush that 100K at the end of 2024.

I have never played the markets, so I wouldn't even know what to short or what not to lol


Thank you for addressing my and all the other questions. I learn something new during every single show. Trust vs Trustless and Centralized vs Decentralized I guess are the foundation which makes are breaks it all. Take care.


Yeah, everything that is truly decentralized will be trustless which means you don't need to 'trust' anyone...Just the code and the blockchain.

Watched this live earlier today. Thanks guys. You help a noob like me gain more understanding in this space!

Man, I'm all these years into it and I'm still a Never stop learning!


Great information. I learned a lot of valuable stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for watching the show!


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Can't wait for tomorrow's show :-D