The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 168 w/ Blocktrades

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It's always an honor to have @blocktrades stop by the podcast!

In this episode, we go over the state of the crypto industry, the latest hardfork(s) and of course, a sneak peek into the future of the blockchain!

Always a fun and informative talk and we hope you guys enjoy the show :)

We stream live each and every Tuesday and Friday at 1pm eastern!

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It might sound like a cliché but these kind of interviews are just what I need to reassure myself that I'm investing blood, sweet and tears in the right place.

Hive sure is a safe haven in times full of uncertainty.

Cheers guys! Keep up the good work :<)

It really is. I have no regrets building here for the past 5 years. It gets better each and every day!


I heard what I want to hear:

53:45 - In terms of decentralization, "Hive is the strongest blockchain out there, far advanced, and way ahead of the curve." - @blocktrades

1:05:00 - "Community, use case, and development. We have them all on Hive." - @jongolson

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Yeah man, we really do have the best of everything crypto can offer right here!


Great listening to the CryptoManiacs Podcast. I learned a lot. More power!

Always a pleasure to see Dan on the show!

Great show! Thank you for your insights and updates @blocktrades. Very exciting to hear about all the past and future updates coming to Hive.

Great show. There were a lot of unethical things done by FTX and I agree that no consent means do not touch. As for Hive itself, I think it's a great place to be, and thanks for the clarifications on what happened during the last two hard forks.

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So much smoother here and less stress too lol


Really great insights from Blocktrades. Thanks for having him on the show.

Thanks for hanging out and always supporting the show!


So is it called HALF?

I wonder how many lines of code I'll have to change to upgrade to this new setup. Sounds promising though in so many ways.

Yup, HAF....Hive Application Framework.


Oh now I remember that being said when it was first brought up. Derp

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any hint for HF28? :) @blocktrades

We haven't started thinking about HF28 features yet: there's a lot of things we can do without a hardfork being required and we're working on those features now.

Great to hear, hope to see a post about them in the future

Dear @blocktrades, the trading platform is not opening and even a Hive transaction I did for the past three days has not entered a wallet. Thanks for the view and response in advance.

Hive has proved itself to be a trustworthy block chain. I see a very big future in hive

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