Jongo's Thoughts - What Are You Stacking?

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So I guess we are still in the bear....


That means we can focus on things that we believe in....Long term!

For me, that's obviously Hive and LEO. These are projects that just make sense to me on so many levels and during this bear, I've been able to grow my stacks. Obviously not as much as I'd like...But slowly and steadily!

But I've also started to think about ways to help spread these tokens out to the masses....

Upvotes for curation is a no brainer. Delegations of course. But what about....

Hive Stake Based Income?

A cool little project that has been around for years and years and in this short video, I discuss why I love being able to 'choose' where my stake goes through these kind of projects.

What are you stacking...During this bear?

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Oh, Jon! I really love HSBI shares! Although I don't get much for them, they helped me to get enough earnings on my early posts during the HIVE era. I think HSBI is a brilliant idea, specially for little red fishes on HIVE. I also think it's a good investment in the long haul, but you need to keep stacking them. Some people think that everyone with enough capital could do the same without the need of third parties, but I think they miss the point because those were not designed with a whale focus in mind, but for the minnows out there, and that's great because while beginners get enough votes to get up on their own, we could help others with our investment. !PIZZA !PGM !CTP

To me, I think it inspires people to keep creating and going forward with their Hive journey. You are right, not everyone needs the votes. But a new Hive user sees that, it gets them fired up to stick around.

It's true! To this day I still take part in HSBI giveaways. They are amazing! I hope it gets the day I can sponsor red fishes with shares, too! !CTP

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A very interesting analysis of the multiple benefits of HSBI! It's exactly the aspect of being able to choose the person you sponsor that makes HSBI attractive.

Here was my own write-up of the basics of how it works. I hope that it provides a palatable explanation for the very basics of the complex mechanism.

Yeah and the fact that multiple parties 'win', it's such a benefit to Hive. HSBI coming your way ;)

During this bear market, I am stacking opportunities to grow my wealth and support projects that align with my values. It's empowering to have the choice to invest in projects that make a positive impact on the world. These cool big projects, like Hive, have been around for years, providing me with the ability to actively participate in shaping a better future.


That's awesome to hear man. Slow and steady for sure. The bear market can be a blessing in disguise for a lot of us.

Getting into everything is definitely my problem too.

HSBI is the king. I've been in it since the start and keep it as one of my focuses, giving it away to people in my community, Blockchain Poets, and to others as well. Basically any excuse I have to give it away, I do. It's definitely a long term play, but I believe Hive will be around awhile and I have full confidence in it lasting.

Here, have some @jongolson!

(yeah, and I don't like the idea of downvotes either... I don't think I've ever downvoted anyone)

lol awesome, thanks so much for that. yeah it's a pretty slick little program. something that adds a lot of value to people!

Bear market definitely makes us think and plan for the long term. It's the stacking season in preparation of the bull market. I've not heard of HSBI before but it does look like a good project to invest in for the long term.

I sent you one, so you are now sponsored in HSBI ;)

In this bear market, I'm just making sure that I invest in more coins like Hive and all. I'm just being careful so that I will not invest in a wrong coin

You can never go wrong with Hive!

Hive for sure. DBOND more recently, and then I have some regular buys that happen every month on Coinbase. MATIC, COTI, ADA, ATOM, and VET.

What's DBOND? Some kind of Hive Engine project?

yeah, it's a collaboration between the Bro community and SSUK. It's kind of like the EDS token, but a little different. @dailydab has some more info I think.

I won't say I am prepared for the bull market but I do have the coins I want and I am fine with my progress this year. I also cut down on the things I was chasing earlier this year and that has helped me focus. I strongly believe leo will do crazy numbers this bull market. I am betting on that...

You and me both man. I think LEO is building something truly special!

I also like stacking and the HSBI is quite nice. I haven't really given any but I do like increasing my Hive and LEO stakes. As for the downvotes, I don't really like participating in the overrewarded structure. I do think it is nice to reduce spam and plagiarism though.

Oh for sure. It's self policing which I think is very important. But if I dont like someone's content, I just move on. I dont think we need to 'disagree' with people with votes lol

I will be honest during the bear market I am mainly accumulating BTC. It is evident from my accounts that I also accumulate Hive and other tokens but my focus is on BTC.

I own exactly 0 bitcoin lol

que viva HSBI , tiene futuro, algún día los mercados volverán a su tendencia donde Hive valdrá 3 $ , Noviembre 2021.

This is most certainly a bear market. Since I have been involved with crypto, it is my first and may I say "Not Fun". however I do like the opportunity that it presents. I am stacking CTP, ALIVE, LEO and POB for content creation and curation. I also stack Splinterland and Genesis League associated gaming tokens.

I do like the HSBI shares as well as it helps in my accumulation of Hive and associated 2nd layer tokens. I add about one a month to my stack.


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