The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 110 w/ Deltron & Killerwot

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Let this marinate for a few minutes....

There is not just one Hive film being created right now, there are actually 2 being worked on that go over the history and story of how this blockchain came to be.

A few months ago we introduced listeners to @thedeltron who has been championing a Hive based film on...Our history and 'hard fork'!

Today he joined us again along with @killerwot who is writing the script for this feature film!

We discussed the project, blockchain history, creatives on Hive and so much more!

Hope you guys enjoy the show...

Make sure you check out their Discord where you can get updated on the progress of the film here:


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Thanks for having us guys!

Appreciate you guys coming by and sharing the project!!

Thanks for having us on the podcast, it was great chatting with you's.


Thank you for being a guest. We appreciate it and can't wait to see the finished product!

Wow Hive film making? That’s huge and unique!
Not Task saying Vin diesel was a better fit😂 he’s not wrong though hahaha
I love how their so optimistic about the film, love the energy. Can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

The resemblance is striking lol

It really is 😂

Great show as usual. I'm going to watch and listen again tonight because there are few thoughts coming to my mind after listening. I will get back to this later.

Awesome, thanks for checking it out :)

I am reaching out here and now since I found this post on LISTNERDS and I would love to play a part in the creation of this movie. I am working in the movie industry myself and I am a professional actor, nowdays working behind the scenes but I would love to play in that movie! I accept $HBD or $HIVE as my actors fee :)

ha ha ha Nice nice, I envision a day when all salaries will be paid by HBD and HIVE lol

Yay! That is something to look forward to. Exciting when the film gets premiered early next year on the HiveFest.

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Crossing fingers! I cant wait to see it!

Y9u might be one of the first to have a peek hehe

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I am interested in seeing how the film actually plays out. It sounds like I might get some details that nobody talks about because I wasn't here when it happened.

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A sci-fi edge to it...I can see it now, Darth Vader resurrected on the blockchain!!!

Wow very cool! Looking forward to seeing the film!

Thank you sir. It should be a lot of fun!

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Will be nice to have a film about some history to the platform.
@jongolson and people love a bit of drama 🤣
Great job on the podcast bro 😎

Should be two of them...This feature film and a documentary. Great things ahead!

Great stuff look forward to it @jongolson

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Very good episode. Very informative. This sounds like a great project. It is a movie I would watch, lol

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

I think artists coming on Hive and also the people in art making movies and short series or even the documentary adds up for the hive's promotional efforts. I think we should definitely support some of such efforts. It'd be interesting to see what could happen if those movies or documentaries get viral on youtube.

Absolutely. I can't wait to see how they distribute it.


So, in a year from now we should have the movie ready, if all stars align, right?

Crossing fingers!


Without a doubt, all this creativity helps the community to grow and make itself known. I hope they achieve all their goals, it is important to support artists to make Hive their home.

I think it's just going to get better and better for creatives here!


Thanks for the tip!



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So happy I was able to be there live for this one very fascinating, I am so looking forward to the Hive Film

Episode Summary:
The latest episode of The Cryptomaniacs Podcast featured guests Deltron and Killawatt, who are working on a film project related to the Hive blockchain. Despite their proposal not passing, they shared their determination to continue with the project. The discussion highlighted the epic nature of their project, envisioning it as a Hollywood blockbuster, and emphasized the importance of community support and telling the story of the Hive takeover through film. The episode delved into the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing content funding and distribution, pointing towards decentralized platforms enabling crowdfunding for creative projects without traditional financing models. The conversations also explored the challenges and opportunities within the cryptocurrency space, including DeFi, decentralized platforms, and the importance of decentralized governance in blockchain ecosystems. The group's dedication and strategic approach to production and distribution underscored the potential success of bringing their project to audiences.

Detailed Article:
The latest episode of The Cryptomaniacs Podcast welcomed guests Deltron and Killawatt to discuss their film project related to the Hive blockchain. Despite facing setbacks with their proposal, the guests expressed determination to continue with their project. Deltron, with a background in film, discussed the inception of their idea to create a movie about the Hive blockchain takeover, while Killawatt, a scriptwriter, shared his journey into Hive and involvement in the project.

The episode highlighted the grand vision of their project, envisioning it as a potential Hollywood blockbuster that could win awards. The guests emphasized the importance of community support and the need to narrate the Hive takeover story through film. The discussion also touched upon the challenges of navigating the traditional film industry and the potential for blockchain technology to provide more opportunities for filmmakers. Deltron and Killawatt were optimistic about blockchain's decentralized nature, providing new avenues for content creators to showcase their work without traditional gatekeepers.

Furthermore, the conversation shifted towards the potential of blockchain and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in reshaping content funding and distribution. The comparison between Netflix and Amazon's content budgets and distribution strategies highlighted the role of decentralized platforms in enabling fairer funding mechanisms for creative projects. The concept of DAOs funding indie film projects showcased the vision of decentralized platforms in empowering creators and democratizing investment opportunities in various projects.

The transcript also explored the complexities of structuring a script for a film based on real-life blockchain narratives. The speakers discussed the selection of compelling storylines, simplifying technical concepts for a general audience, and collaborating with the filmmaking community to develop the project further. The importance of community support within the Hive platform for creators was underscored, emphasizing the opportunities for monetization and recognition in fostering a sense of community and encouragement.

In conclusion, the episode provided insights into the potential impact of blockchain technology on the filmmaking industry, showcasing the dedication of the guests in bringing their project to fruition. The collaborative and forward-thinking approach to content creation, funding, and distribution within the cryptocurrency space reflected a shared passion for storytelling and innovation, indicating a promising future for blockchain-themed content in the entertainment industry.

Notice: This is an AI-generated summary based on a transcript of the video. The summarization of the videos in this channel was requested/approved by the channel owner.

Hive filmmaking. Just when I thought everything had been done on the Hive. Thanks for the information