The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 74-ish w/ Bulldog1205

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Today's show was a lot of fun :)

And honestly, I've been looking forward to this show for weeks now because as you guys must be aware by now...

I'm slightly addicted to @splinterlands

And what better way to talk about the game than with one of the top content creators for Splinterlands - @bulldog1205

We touched on how he stumbled upon Hive and #Splinterlands , but we also dove into his outlook on the blockchain gaming space as a whole.

This was an awesome interview and I hope you guys enjoy the chat!

Be sure to give Bulldog a follow here on Hive and check out his YouTube channel here as well:


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I watched to replay and it was a good show, unfortunately I couldn't be there for the live it would have been cool to have been able to comment live.

Thanks for checking it out, yeah man we had fun...I was pretty excited to talk Splinterlands with the good sir lol

Great show guys!

congrats on everybody leaving the 9-5 grind to come to the blockchain space.
And hats off to everybody who calls HIVE their home :)

Thanks for the Splinterlands tips @bulldog1205
very cool Crypto Maniacs edition of Investor's corner.

I hope it helps @jongolson wins the competition against Blaine.

As for me... I'll just try to cop a Lord of Darkness some day.

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I'm not holding my breath lol

Opened a bunch more packs, didn't even get a gold common lolol

The show is always interesting, can learn a lot and be more knowledgeable. I have been watching bulldog and his splinterlands channel, sometimes give me hints on what cards to buy !

Dude is just a wealth of great information about the blockchain games. Great having him on the show today :)

I totally agree with @bulldog1205 - Lord of Darkness is definitely the most powerful card out there lol. It's one of my two maxed out alpha cards and I wouldn't part with it even if it doubled in value :-)

I've got my BCX 1 lol

I'm happy lol

Best pre-modern card? Probably one of the 5-mana summoners. Best of them? Archmage Arius, a promo card, very scarce and expensive. But all the others are great, maybe a step lower the Fire and Life ones.

I have my Crypt Mancer, but want to grab a Valnamor one day lol

Maxed? I have all of the 5 mana ones, except the Dragon one and Arius, but BCX 1. I missed that boat and focused on the 7 mana ones.

It was a great show. I will start following him and maybe some more Splinterlands content will show up in my feed. I think I thought of my question for Friday based on this show since we need to keep bugging taskmaster otherwise he might not become a degenerate like the rest of us

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It's going to happen...I'll make sure of it lolol

So finally task is now in the gaming world 🌏 Welcome Man. Soon many questions will be popping up on hat to do and then opening packs too 😄.

Oh he's addicted apparently last night @taskmaster4450 even bought some Chaos Legion packs too!!!

With time am sure he will spend his holiday on Splinterlands 😂😂

@jongolson keep up the good work because others really look up to you to also achieve success just like you've did.

Thanks for the kind words!

Your addiction to several crypto coins will make you successful in this crypto world someday and or I can say you're already successful. It should be an awesome feeling to be a crypto maniac. Just following the food steps of crypto maniac around me 😊😇

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This is good and I will look forward for the next show as well. Recently I am getting interested into blockchain gaming and still figuring it out to start splinterlands or is it too late.