CTPX - All In On HBD & The Blockchain

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It's been a while since we launched CTPX

And yeah, my life has become quite the adventure so it took a back seat while I've been trying to recover.

But that's nothing but an excuse!

Today, I wanted to highlight how we've made this program HBD only when it comes to upgrades and crypto only overall.

We pay commissions....In HBD

People can subscribe.....With HBD

And there is no PayPal or credit card options. We truly are trying to become, products of our product!

I take a stroll through the members area and 'xplore' a bit to show everyone how we're trying to spread the tokens out, for those using CTPX to promote thier blogs and content :)

Hope you guys enjoy the little video and CTPX's new upgrade option ;)

HBD only!

P.S. Here is a quick post by @fjworld that showcased his first commissions through CTPX....Using only HBD!

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Fantastic move to see CTPX going all in on HBD Jon, that is a great decision, keep up the good work and stay awesome.

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Thanks man. About to get my full attention very soon :)

Keep it up.

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That's a really great move! HBD is so powerful and has so much potential.

Yeah we've had it set up on X for months now, but recently we pulled PayPal and credit cards from it.

Noice! 🔥🔥🔥

Like the Bitcoin and Litecoin payment options too. Do other people need a Hive account to be able to promote their links?


No sir.

Only if they want to take part in the hourly giveaway for CTP tokens. You don't need a Hive account but it does add to the experience.

I'd wanted to signup on ctpx but it's asking me to install hive keychain (which i already had on my phone).

You should be able to confirm that account and you'll be good to go.

A nice refresher on CTPX, Jon! You guys are walking the talk here by using Crypto for taking payments and paying out. It's a very good idea. And way cheaper than using credit cards and/or paypal

So much cheaper! And a no brainer!

Good to see that you are making HBD a priority. This would help the ecosystem. And best part it'd also make people buy the HIVE in the due process. By the way when are you integrating ethereum and metamask? lol

Oh I'll get right on it LOL

I like that you choose HBD. It's always to be a product of your own product.


It's a must!

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