The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Part 2 of the SPK Network Show!

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We're back for 'Part 2' of the podcast where we interviewed TheyCallMeDan and Starkerz from the @spknetwork

We had a ton of great feedback from the first half of the show, and we hope you guys really enjoy part 2!

Just for some reference, we're linking to their announcement post a few days ago of the LARYNX claim drop, which highlights the time and date of the claim!


Looking forward to reading your comments about the show and what you are most excied about when it comes to SPK!

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Not gonna lie plenty went over my head but that SIP feature sounds like it will be insane. Can't wait.

Taskmaster4450 taking shots at steem though. 😂

Also, see? I'm not the only one who's

ha ha ha ha Yeah never a missed opportunity for a shot or two ;)

@taskmaster4450 I am interested in participating in your short video clip group!

This is simply a gamechanger, no doubt about it! And so many ways you can get involved and earn immensely from it. The claimdrop will be pretty sweet and I wonder if that will challenge SPS in matters or earnings for the Hive holders...

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Or even better...We get double the drops and everyone on Hive is set for life LOL

Hive has given us quite a few things to be excited about recently. Jon, do you have the podcast of @brianoflondon Matt referred to?

The show is called Podcasting 2.0. I shared a link to it so look back on my timeline.

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super pumped to be apart of the SPK network!

It's going to be epic!!

Blown away by what could SIPs and SONs do. Need to study this two, i don't want to miss the action.

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When this is all said and done, we'll be so thankful it's being done right here on Hive!

It is pretty cool and can be helpful as well

I believe this platform will be better more than this in the future

I am glad that HIVE is under the radar. We need to build while we are under the radar because I think the regulators would hit hard and fast when transactions are fast and feeless.

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It would be funny to watch them go after Hive Oh wait.

I wonder if they would make that mistake...but it makes sense since it's a actual stock.

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