The Crypto Maniacs Podcast - Episode 194 w/ elmerlin of Liketu

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I remember the first time I learned about @liketu

It was a revelation for me as to what Hive could become. And I'm even more bullish than I was all those months ago!

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming @elmerlin to the show.

He's the founder and developer behind one of the most important projects on the blockchain and we had a fantastic talk on the podcast!

Hope you guys enjoy the show and start seeing the massve value projects like Liketu are bringing to Hive.

(Disclaimer: I'm a big time fan boy of this project!!!)

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great show today.

totally forgot about Mac vs PC, could be fun to do web2 vs web3 :)

ha ha ha I wouldn't wanna do the mac vs pc thing lol because i'm a mac fan boy lol but for Liketu, I'll buy an Android phone lol


i never got into mac because it was crazy expensive for us here. i was always Frankensteining components for a pc. then i hated how closed iphone system was. that is the reason it is more stable, but it was irritating 😁

looking forward to see the liketu app. i need to start using the frontend more.

They're still crazy expensive. But once you get used to them you can't go back. I tried. I had a "latest bestest fastest" Windows laptop from work and my own desktop Mac mini on the same desk for a while. The only thing I used the work PC for was to download files I'd created in BBEdit on the Mac, save them in MS Office format, and send them to my boss. So he wouldn't yell at me for using a real computer.

Laptops for win are also all over the place. i got my first laptop this year and looking for one was just mission impossible. Mac has the advantage of making the OS for exactly known components. With win if you are making your PC and are lucky it could work great, or it could be a disaster.

Seems to me the division these days isn't between Mac and Windows, but between laptop and desktop. A lot of apps and websites assume there's a camera and a mic available, which seems to be the rule for laptops, and complain when they can't be found.

I've really come to enjoy the LikeTu app! Great putting a face to the name @elmerlin has done a great job with LikeTu

Elmer materialized an old wish of mine, a sort of Instagram community on Hive. The blockchain really needed it and hopefully, we will at some point have an official liketu mobile app.

Quite educating , I enjoyed all the valid points made..

I’m a big fan of this @elmerlin. Seems like a such great guy and we are lucky that he has put so much in to Liketu. I enjoyed listening to this a lot.

I dropped the alpha on the Instagram on the blockchain more than a year ago and we only get to hear from @elmerlin now? :D

On a more serious note, I hope everyone will take some inspiration from that onboarding process talk. Give people the right incentive and they will onboard the next 1 Million users by themselves.

Great show!


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Great show. I like his view on things and it sucks that he got stuck in a long lawsuit. I wonder if it will really go anywhere because the legal system tends to be unpredictable.

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Great podcast!!

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Thanks for checking out the show!

Great episode. I’ve been poking around Liketu a bit. I may invest myself more.

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This was a very interesting episode guys! I'm glad you brought elmerlin over even if I don't (currently) use LikeTu!