I am aiming to accumulate 1,000,000 HBD over 29 years using the magic of compound interest.

I then plan to live off that interest.

I understand that there will be inflation and other issues to deal with, but I see a road and I am following it until there is no other way.

When I did the math, I needed to start with 100 HBD and grow it by 50 HBD per month.

I started with over 700 to cushion me, and I need to earn 50 HBD more so I don't have to transfer any fiat in.

This does not include my HIVE Power or any of my other investments on the blockchain.

This is HBD in action and I hope to be an example.

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Remember that the 20% can be changed at any moment by the witness so it would be good to have a plan B

But this is a solid strategy in my opinion and similar to my own.

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Well, HBD is plan B.

Hive Power is Plan A.

Leofinance is sometimes plan C but sometimes plan B

Splinterlands is plan D,

Then there's spinvest and rising star.

The plan is set but we have to continually check in to make sure that things are still working as we hoped.

I will enjoy the 20% while it lasts.

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Yes, my plans are similar!

I think we wont regret it

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Yes it can be changed at any time. However, from the position we are standing in now, it would be crazy to alter that.

Plus we should get some time locked vaults in the next hard fork (not the upcoming one but the one after that).

If we do that, then we can have a lot of things open to us.

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Time locked vaults - like even bigger APR for HODling long term?

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Depends upon what the witnesses decide. Yes it will have to be larger than just having it in savings. Hard to tell how they would adjust that.

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Well in 29 years, it's absolutely possible. It feels really overwhelming when I think of it. Wow, what a goal. Good luck with it.

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Yes, with 20% you only need 50 HBD per month.

Very do-able here on the blockchain.

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