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RE: Is Hive Safe From The Powers That Are?

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Makes me keep wondering if the ninja-mined stake wasn't there, what would have propelled Justin Sun, I don't actually see him as a visionary, so it was all about the stake which can be cashed out at anytime, it was a really vulnerability like you said, Hive isn't all Shades of great but then it was great not to go down that path.

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Without that stake, I dont think none of that takes place. It was that stake which started the process of him entering.

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Yeah, he probably saw all that money and a lot of us was thinking he was going to bring traction to steem because of his popularity and supposed marketing skills.

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Justin Sun is a Chinese controlled operative. He bought BitTorrent to help the chinese spy on everyone. Same with steemit. Tron is largely a copy of steem.