Do not fall into this trap because you will be robbed - Scam Alert (In/Esp)

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Many people on Discord are receiving this message, with the news that they have benefited from a sweepstakes made by the website Pancakeswap and the MetaMask wallet.

The prize is 50 BNB that must be claimed by clicking on the link that appears and that will take you to the Pancake Swat website, also in the notice received the user is given the instructions to claim it.


When you do so, it will certainly take you to a fake page that looks like the real one and there you should click where it says Claim BNB.

pancake 1.jpg

So far everything seems harmless, but when you try to claim your prize you are taken to the next screen, where you are asked to enter the seed phrase of your Meta Mask account.

pancake 3.jpg

If you do this then they will steal it and take everything you have in your wallet.

So disregard this message and block the user on Discord.


Versión en Español


A muchas personas en Discord les está llegando este mensaje, con la noticia que han salido beneficiados en un sorteo hecho por la web Pancakeswap y la blletera MetaMask.

El premio es 50 BNB que deben reclamar pinchando el link que les aparece y que los llevará a la web de Pancake Swat, también en el aviso recibido le dan las instrucciones al usuario para reclamarlos.

Al usted hacerlo, ciertamente lo llevará a una página falsa que luce como la verdadera y allí debe pinchar donde dice Claim BNB.

Hasta acá todo parece inofensivo, pero cuando usted intenta reclamar lo lleva a una siguiente pantalla,

Donde le piden que coloque la frase semilla de su cuenta Meta Mask

Si hace esto entonces ellos la robarán y se apoderarán de todo lo que usted tiene en su billetera.


Thanks for this quick update and I do hope people see this very important alert and be conscious as well on how the go about their activities on discord. A good job well done boss.

Thanks for the information. Scammers doesn't sleep. They always look for an avenue to steal money from people.

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Thank you @joseph1956 for sharing . I have to raise my tentacles the more

Greetings @ joseph1956
Thank you very much for the information which is very important for all of us who use discord to know. In particular I receive almost daily many messages of this type and the truth I do not pay attention to them, since there is a strong Campaign of this type of strategies to steal from users.
Thank you very much for sharing.