Mining RBS in Robinia Swat

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I am not very knowledgeable in this world of exchanges and Swat but the appearance of Robinia Swat has caught my attention because it looks like a great alternative in the crypto market, especially for those of us who interact in steemit.

In addition, just as Binance has the BNB, Robinia has its RBS, which can be mined with small investments of several coins, personally I did it with steem.

The first step is to install Meta Mask but since I already had it I moved on to the next step which is to add the Smart Chain network to the MetaMask, I did this by setting these parameters.

Nombre de red: Smart Chain

ID de cadena: 56

Símbolo: BNB

URL del Explorador de bloques:

This gives me the address or account to connect with

Luego fui a y pulsé en conectar para que se conectara a mi cuenta de MetaMask..

I then had to switch BNB to MetaMask as the currency it charges for transactions, including transfers.

Then using I passed from my steemit wallet, the steems to MetaMask, in my case it was 200.

There they became Bsteem and I had to go to add token and give it that code so it could recognize them.


I went to Robinia and went to where it says Pool, there I looked for the Bsteem coin and clicked on accept contract.

I answered yes to the questions he asked me and then I unlogged from Robina and logged back in.

Then, where I used to accept the contract, in the pool section, there was the word Stake, I clicked there and that was it.

I am already mining RBS.

As I said before I am not very experienced in these things and I received the support of @lupafilotaxia, whom I thank for the selfless gesture of helping someone in the team.


Hi @joseph1956

Swat are one of the newer structures of the protocols running on the blockchain, as they present an alternative for those users who for some reason do not wish to participate in centralised exchange platforms.

Best regards, be well.

Greetings @ joseph1956
Very useful and important information that you share with us for all those new investors who want to be part of this wonderful project as RobiniaSwap is, I am already part of it and I hope that every day it consolidates more.

Thank you very much for sharing your post.