Evmos Relaunch, Are Your Stable coins Ready?

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If you are a fan of the Cosmos network, you probably should be anticipating the relaunch of Evmos. Every Cosmos investor who has read about the project is bullish on it. Despite having a chain halt just a few days after their first launch, Cosmos And Ethereum investors have patiently waited for more than one month for their relaunch. The good news is that there won't be any reset. They will continue with the last block before the halt.

This means that people who claimed their airdrop will be able to stake it or use it to provide liquidity in one of the several projects launching on it.

Evmos leverages the Cosmos SDK as the first IBC-compatible EVM-based chain, bringing composability, interoperability, and fast finality to Ethereum. It is bringing EVM to Cosmos. Source

The relaunch was first announced to happen on April 26 but was shifted to today and we hope that it won't be shifted again.

Why should you anticipate the relaunch?

Those who claimed the Airdrop before now will be able to stake their tokens again and enjoy early huge APR pending when the chain is stable for those who haven't claimed their Airdrop to claim and stake.

There are many projects with use cases that will go live once the chain is stable, they include but are not limited to the following;

Diffusion finance: It will be one of the automated market makers on Evmos. It is said to be a fork of uniswap V2 and will leverage EVM and Cosmos SDK to bring about interoperability between the two networks.

Kinesis: This project is going to be the first stable coin exchange on Evmos which will bring a stable coin market to Cosmos, where users can exchange Stable coins on EVM with those on Cosmos. It is expected that the liquidity these projects will bring to the cosmos will be in hundreds of billions.

AAVE, Exswap ( AMM and fork of Uniswap V2), FRAX, etc are other projects that will go live once the Evmos chain becomes stable.

Now, when these projects go live, their pools will start with a high APR. Those who joined the pool early will have the opportunity to maximize their rewards. Since Evmos is bringing EVM to Cosmos, you should expect an inflow of users. Some will be people who received Evmos Airdrop as compensation for being rekted by ether gas fee, who will want to put the airdropped tokens into work.

Again, some of these projects have not yet launched their native tokens. For example, Diffusion will have Airdrop of their tokens to UNI holders, Osmo Stakers, Evmos Stakers, And Evmos LPs on Osmosis.

With your Stables, you can join the pools from any of these projects early.

Some of the pools will start with an Evmos pair which is an advantage for those who received the Airdrop.

With the use case and hype around Evmos, one who can buy Evmos during the few days after the relaunch will see a massive return on investment in a short while due to the use cases of the Evmos and the projects built on it.

For those who have not checked their eligibility for the Evmos Airdrop, check through app.evmos.org. Note, if you haven't claimed the Airdrop before now, you will have to wait for 1 week for the chain to stabilize before you can claim.
You can check your Ethereum wallets as well. The Airdrop is for Osmosis LP ( ATOM/OSMO), Those rekted in the past by Ethereum gas fee or were scammed by projects in the past, ATOM delegators, etc.

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